Installing Exodus on Kodi and Usage of Free VPNs for Torrenting


Posted on: 03 May 2019 by Vergis Eva

As many already know by now, Kodi is an incredible media player for open access, comes for free. You can easily install many add-ons to Kodi


As many already know by now, Kodi is an incredible media player for open access, comes for free. You can easily install many add-ons to Kodi, which can enhance the user experience by watching more movies and TV shows from across the globe. Among the top Kodi add-ons, Exodus has high popularity.


Installing Exodus on Kodi


Before starting, note the disclaimer that Kodi encourages optimum piracy. You have to install and need to use the Kodi add-ons legitimately.


People have a question of whether exodus Kodi is legal or not? The provider of Exodus has made claims that it hosts only the sources and links of videos, and no actual media content. So, it is legal to use Exodus. However, many other third-party Kodi add-ons could be illegal.


Before downloading, you also need to note the add-ons may sometimes be coming from some unknown developers, and so Kodi restricts such downloads from such sources. So, first set up Kodi to allow downloading from unknown sources too. For this


  • Open Kodi app and click on ‘Settings' and select ‘System Settings.'


  • Click the add-ons and then choose the button close to some Unknown sources and click on Yes.


  • At the next step, you may install the Exodus add-ons onto Kodi.


  • Before using Exodus, one should ensure that you've enabled a VPN for the secure and private use of Kodi for accessing the content.


While using Exodus, it is recommended that you use a good VPN also to stream videos safely and privately.


An alternate method to install the Exodus on Kodi


Apart from the above method, you may install Exodus on Kodi by using Kodi Bae repository. Just follow the below steps.


  1. First access Kodi Bae Repository and download it as a zip file.


  1. Go to Kodi and click on the ‘Add-ons’ and access the Package icon.


  1. Choose the option of ‘Install from the zip file.’


  1. Point it to the downloaded .zip file.


  1. Wait for a while to upload the zip and then get Exodus installed on to Kodi.


  1. You can see Exodus add-on displayed on the right upper corner.


  1. Go to the Kodi home page > choose Add-ons > go to Video add-ons > select Exodus and start exploring it.


Top Torrenting VPNs


Torrenters are advised to use an excellent VPN to stay private and hide their download and uploads of restricted content. Here are plenty of top VPNs, but all VPNs are not ideal for BitTorrent. Let's explore the best free VPN for torrenting options.


  1. CyberGhost


It is a great-value VPN for torrenting by allowing P2P file sharing on different servers, which are located out of the United States or Russia. The provider ensures a no-log policy and also offers 256-bit encryption with forwarding secrecy. There is also a Kill switch for desktop users.


  1. IPVanish


With a sheer number of servers across the globe, IPVanish is a VPN which is tough to beat. It offers optimum privacy and is built with torrenting specifically in mind. It also has a no log policy and 256-bit encryption.


Some other quick options are ExpressVPN, PrivateVPN, StrongVPN, SaferVPN, Windscribe, VPNGate, etc.



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