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Posted on: 10 September 2018 by Walter

It will be tough but not impossible to start launching your business marketing ways on Instagram. Just like your business, there are thousands of business accounts on Instagram which are equally making efforts in building the business from ground to top.

It will be tough but not impossible to start launching your business marketing ways on Instagram. Just like your business, there are thousands of business accounts on Instagram which are equally making efforts in building the business from ground to top. None other than social media can be able to reach customers as effectively as possible. They provide a huge platform for reaching out to the right audience and promote your business. With around 800 million users, you need to be very active with your business account as it will help you in reaching to the network of potential customers on Instagram. You could able to connect with every corner of the world.

If you are thinking of starting promotion or marketing of your business products and services, then you need to think of out of the box but with one thing in mind that your content posts and flow should be maintained steadily and consistently. Our prime motto is to increase the awareness about the business among the people and to get in touch with a larger mass of audience. There are millions of people who actively follow posts on Instagram; your planning should be based on letting your posts to be read by a larger audience every time you upload it. There are many examples and guidelines which can help you in achieving your goal and objective of increasing the audiences base count for your business posts which in turn gets more and more customer for the business. There are few implementable ways which can certainly help you in planning an effective marketing strategy that can give a real boost to your business growth.

·         Using various Instagram features: Instagram is now a very trending and popular platform among the social media users and millions are setting up their account on it. People are joining the Instagram for more than one reason nowadays. They are now setting up their business profile as well on Instagram so that they can get maximum exposure for their business and converting it into a brand. You have often seen some examples on Instagram which might have some contact or call in action information in their bio or in their posts. This is the latest way of letting the viewers get in action after reading the posts or visiting the profile. Just providing the contact information in your business profile is not enough. You need to start analyzing the user count and using various engagement data for evaluating the insight of your business profile.

This could help you in keeping track of user activity on your business profile account. You can have both options of either setting up a new Instagram account for a business profile, or you can convert your personal profile into the business profile so that you can start utilizing such options for your business benefit. Once you start getting knowledge of how the user interacts with your business content, you will get more provision for enhancements in engaging with them.

·         Promoting your Instagram business posts on cross platforms: You might be having accounts on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. which could help in the growth of the business. You can start by sending out the invitations for your Instagram business profile on cross platforms and letting other users following it. You can plan every move of posting the business-related posts across the other platforms and then reaching to those potential users who might be joining your business profile on Instagram. You can post any business-related content on Facebook, and within no time you could start getting Facebook Likes, share. You already have a user base, and once you start offering them, it is obvious that they will be interested in following it too. That’s why cross-platform posts can be effective to get these users towards your business profile.

There cannot be any certainty that all your users can follow your posts. There can be a possibility that some of your followers might not be active on social site and some might have left the social media. You should start putting efforts into letting your followers to be connected as much as possible with your social media profiles so that you can get maximum viewership from them on your posts.

·         Avoid overwhelming the viewers: You want to post maximum about your business brand till it starts sounding reasonable, but you don't want to overwhelm your followers to an extent where they can unfollow you. People got bored and irritated once they start seeing posts about the same content. They feel like you are constantly sitting in their face. Your frequency of posting should not cost you with the loss of follower base count. You need to experiment to see how users respond when they see your posts frequently. This will help you in understanding the engagement between you and user, and thus you can then analyze how frequently you need to post your content.

·         Growing Interaction with followers: Just posting the content once or twice a day is not sufficient. You need to start interacting with them. Engaging with them might help in your promotion and very soon you can see some spark in your business growth. You can start by tagging them in posts, like their content, comment and share their posts often. Once they see their engagement, they will start reverting with the same, and there will no longer be any resistance.

·         Being creative in getting connected with users: You must come up with more creative plans and strategy to build more interaction with the users. You can start thinking of using hashtags for more exposure, you can think of picking content from other accounts for your business need and providing them credit. You can even think of putting ads about your Instagram profile on cross-platform posts so that those users will get redirected towards your business profile.


You will have to be active, smart and creative when it comes to planning a marketing strategy for the business on Instagram. You must beat the heat of competition on social media.

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