Ideal References for Letters of Recommendation in College Admission


Posted on: 15 February 2019 by Hunter Renard

Going to college is not enough to prepare only for exams. It is much more important to find time to sort out and write an introductory essay. At the same time, you need to not forget about Letters of Recommendation. What is it? Let's understand ...

College admissions procedures sure require you to do a lot of writing. The two biggest writing tasks associated with college admissions procedures are the admissions essay and the letter of recommendation. 

These are crucial because they are not just credentials, they also basically give the college admissions people an idea as to what kind of personality you might have and what your principles or idealisms are.

The only catch with this system is if you, the prospective college student, insists that you’re having grand difficulty stringing words and sentences together and if just the sight of a long paragraph scares you, don’t worry. 

Where to Get Letters of Recommendation

There are sample college application essays available online you could use as a guide and people to go to for letters of recommendation. 

Here are some things that you need to consider when you ask people to write letters of recommendation for you.

A quick search on the Internet for sample college application essays will yield rewarding results. These sample essays usually have themes that are most commonly used in college applications. 

You can use these samples when you make your own personal college application essay. Remember that you should take the time to write a good essay because it can be the deciding factor whether you get accepted or not.

By the way, when you write an essay, it became good and the teacher liked it, do not forget to read what is a essay map and then use it. Such an essay plan will help you better “organize” your thoughts on paper. Having written the key points, you will not forget to write about them in your essay.

Who Write Letters of Recommendation

Regarding letters of recommendation, colleges would usually require the applicant to get somebody from their alma mater to write them. How to zero in who makes your letter of recommendation? 

Here are some tips:

* He or she must not be your relative. But he or she should be somebody whom you have closely worked with in the past, and who surely knows your capacity.

* He or she must be a credible figure in the school, such as a professor, principal, or guidance counselor.

* Out of respect, he or she must be someone who has the time to write a letter of recommendation for you.

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