HR & Talent Management in the Digital Era


Posted on: 11 March 2019 by Aileen Scott

HR & talent management plays a central role in bringing digital transformation as it is responsible for fostering employee engagement as well as staff onboarding.

Not everyone today is able to contemplate the terms digital transformation and are creating their own definitions as per their imagination and understanding of the concept. And, those who have genuinely grasped the notion face issues in linking it to definite innovation.

In a general sense, digitalization is mostly perceived as a way of providing frictionless customer experience. As, today’s customer is impatient when it comes to accessing goods and services, so the digital disruption can be seen as a route to a smooth customer journey so that they are able to get anytime, anywhere.

It is easier to understand an association between the digital evolution and businesses having to transform their outmoded processes and systems, however, how does it impact Human Resources? And, what are the challenges faced by HR and talent management professionals in the digital era and how are they required to set the stage for managing change?

The Connection between Customer experience and Employee experience

According to the Temkin Group Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, CX leaders own over 60 percent happier and more engaged employees. In point of fact, it’s the experience that has an effect over the engagement levels, behaviors as well as the attitude of the employees.

And it is natural for more engaged and committed employees to be wanting to invest a significant amount of energy and time in providing flawless service to the customers. Therefore, we can say that the overall experience of the customers is the reflection of the quality of the ecosystem that employees work in.

Organizations that wish want to handle and embrace digital transformation are evidently required to focus over change management and at the same time need to ensure that all the procedures, from hiring to onboarding to talent management are completely aligned with the employee expectation that shall have a direct impact on creating a good customer experience.

HR & talent management plays a central role in bringing digital transformation as it is responsible for fostering employee engagement as well as staff onboarding.

The whole organizational culture of an entirely digital company requires to link itself with a consumer-centric mindset that ensures strong and transparent procedures. Human Resources professionals have to make sure that change happens throughout the organization and staff members are nicely hinged to the present mission as well as values of the company.

Digitization & the Challenges for HR & Talent Management

In the current era which is defined by digital transformation, the employee experiences that are delivered by the HR are required to be centered around human and must be personalized for each member of the workforce.

At this time, introducing the latest technology is directed at designing a work environment which focuses on motivation, recognition, personalization along with overall impelling experience.

Digital disruption is associated with many challenges for Human Resources that are most difficult to address because of the velocity and volume of change. And, to cope up with this high speed at which brand new frameworks together with expectations are being introduced, Human Resources professionals should be relying upon an extremely solid infrastructure as well as robust technology which does not support a procedure-centric approach and embraces a result-based attitude.

The success rate of HR operations completely depends on the expertise and talent brought in by the employees. HR & Talent Management is the units carrying the load of constructing the substrate needed for transformation as well as execution.  High ranking executives have to embrace the contemporary mindset to support the employees in shifting to an entirely digital approach.


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