How to Store Holiday Decorations


Posted on: 14 April 2019 by avita dcosta

How to Store Holiday Decorations

Take special care when storing decorations which means that your items stay in good shape. Following simple steps will allow for continued use of treasured decorations.
Check for broken ornaments and lights before packing away the holiday trimmings. If indeed they can’t be fixed, discard them and add those to a listing list to displace for next year. Once you have inspected the decorations, sort them in boxes by type. For example, you can keep all indoor/outdoor lights coiled and stored in a single box. Christmas ornaments can be delicate, so store them in boxes from other holiday decor. Learn how precisely to store specific types of holiday decorations with the tips as per below:
How exactly to Store Christmas Ornaments
Christmas tree ornaments come in many shapes and sizes, from delicate glass creations to handmade paper designs. Many ornaments hold sentimental value because they are family heirlooms. Ornaments need special treatment when preparing for storage. They must be individually wrapped in tissue paper and located in a box. Store larger or oddly-shaped ornaments in their original ornament boxes whenever you can.
Christmas Tree Storage Tips
An artificial Christmas tree requires larger storage spaces than other holiday decorations. When possible, store trees in their original boxes. In the event the Christmas tree storage box is unavailable, disassemble the tree and devote plastic bins. Christmas tree bags are also best for artificial Christmas tree storage. A number of the bags seriously rollers, which means you can simply transport the tree to its storage spot.
Storage Tip: Save time when putting the tree up at the beginning of the vacation season by storing your tree partially or fully assembled.
Storing Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights
Separate outdoor and indoor Christmas lights after use. Coil the lights to keep them from tangling. There are several great DIY Christmas light storage ideas, such as:
Wrapping lights around the exterior of your coffee can
Coiling your lights around a bit of cardboard or plastic pants hanger
Storing Wreaths
Place holiday wreaths in their original boxes and store them horizontally over a shelf. If you don't have the initial box, then place a bag on the wreath and hang it in a closet or behind a door. Usually do not store bags of wreaths together with one another, as the wreaths could get damaged.
Self storage San Diego are great for keeping holiday decorations safe and sound. Keep seasonal items in the rear of a storage unit and then switch boxes out over summer and winter when you need them.
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self storage San Diego, you can expect secure Christmas decoration storage solutions. their self storage have gated keypad entry, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems for your peace of mind. A climate-controlled storage unit can also preserve your artificial wreaths and Christmas trees.


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Holly Boyle posted 21 May 2020

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Lilly Smith posted 29 April 2021

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Johny Kim posted 29 September 2021

An artificial Christmas tree requires larger storage spaces than other holiday decorations. | Roof Leaks


Marcus Lee posted 23 October 2021

I would agree. Holiday decorations are extremely delicate and fragile, and they don't very cheap as well that you can buy them every year. It is a good thing to store some decoration items while getting rid of the things you think aren't that necessary or the ones that you think can be bought fresh. Last year I bought the popular kanye west grey trench coat for my Halloween costume gear and I've stored it in a separate compartment dedicated to all stuff related to Halloween. I would be reusing that same attire this Halloween season as well!


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