How to Spend a Hot Day at Palm Springs


Posted on: 15 October 2018 by David Kollar

Palm Springs has recently been revamped into a resort destination with some of the best places to visit.

A day here is not nearly enough but it still gives you a taste of what this place has to offer. After its revamp, this place is frequented by visitors for its arid landscapes, vacation houses, and Palm Springs rentals which of course isn’t everything that this place has to offer. Many visitors would do next to nothing when there are a hefty lot of things to do in Palm Springs. During Coachella, this place turns into an epicentre of vibrant activities. The summer heat can be gruelling but that never stopped anyone from having fun. From botanical gardens to Tram rides, this place has it all. So, let’s start the day with these activities

1)    Aerial Tramways

The tramways road is just a two-minute hike which will lead you to this classic gondola ride that almost hugs the canyon. It is arguably one the best things that Palm Springs has to offer. This tramway lets you ride at an elevation of 2,643 feet to its mountain station on Mt. the San Jacinto Mountains. It has the second steepest vertical cable in the world and offers you a breathtaking view of the entire valley. You can also feel the change in weather with its elevation. Once you land at the station take a walk away from the car into this large facility where you can find dining facilities, cocktail bar, and observation hub. Visit Mt. San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness Area which is just a 54 miles long hike. You can either set up camps or explore the areas. Winters here are fun too as you can participate in some of the most exhilarating winter adventures like skiing.

2)    The Living Desert Zoo & Garden

Living up to its name. this is an incredible place to drop by. Being a zoo and botanical park, they have over 450 different species of animals with over 2000 species of flora and fauna. This place houses a diverse set of animals which reflects upon the biodiversity that Africa and North America have. The place is primarily an outdoor spot but is an excellent place for game watching. You’d need a ticket prior admission and the timings are from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also be a witness to the various activities that take place here like Giraffe Feeding, Reptile Show et al. If you are lucky you can also spot some of the rarest species of animals found here.

3)    Air Museum

If you an aeroplane junkie, then you would definitely want to be in this place. Primarily they showcase World War II-era aircraft along with Korea and Vietnam era one too. If you explore this place thoroughly then you will find about 40 flyable yet static planes sitting across the stretch of its warehouse. Few of the highlighted models that you may come across are B-17, F-4, C-47 et al. Now the most important question arises which is “Can you ride any of these aircraft?” Well, of course, you can book a 20-minute flight in any of the aircraft where you will be able to relive the days of the war. But the bookings are obviously expensive.

4)    Art Museum

This medium-sized museum has an outstanding collection of contemporary artworks, paintings, sculpture. If you an art enthusiast then you are likely to recognize artists like Henry Moore, Robert Motherwell and west coast artists such as Edward Ruscha, Mark di Suvero. The exhibitions held here focus on cultural theme and sometimes of the desert. This place should be reserved for the latter part of the day, preferably after the sun sets down.

5)    Tahquitz Canyon

Who knew that you find a flowing source of water in the middle of this arid desert? Well, this stretch of two miles will lead you straight to a 50-foot waterfall that is tucked within the Tahquitz Canyon. You can locate the falls within the Indian reservation (Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla). You’d need to pay an admission fee of 12.50 $ which is essential for its recurrent maintenance costs. If you are not so sure about the trails and travelling alone is not in your forte then it is advised that you go for a ranger-led hike to avoid the obvious dangers.

6)    Sunnylands

Sounds utopic right, well it probably is. This former winter spot was frequented by the wealthy Annenberg family and used to be a popular space which held summits for former presidents. Sunnyland is quietly adjusted on the 200 acres long stretch of irrigated desert in the Rancho Mirage. Even though it is mostly covered by nine-hold golf courses, a certain portion of this place has been dedicated for public gardens and visitor centre where you can see a select view artwork from the famous Annenberg collection. The mansions here can be toured but bookings are regularly sold out for its high demand.

7)    Cabazon Dinosaur

This is undoubtedly a landmark which has drew tourist from around the world. This behemoth of a sculpture guards the dino-themed museum at Palm Springs which now has turned into a usual photo spot for tourist. Do drop by for you will never find a photo opportunity such as this. The status also has a small gift shop inside its belly which of course is a place to pick up souvenirs for your friends back home.

8)    Tennis Club

Palm Springs has some of the best mid-century modern houses which you can’t rent out since most of these houses are private abodes which aren’t exactly up for business. You can recon the area and explore a bit on your own. Walk from tennis Club to Araby Cove where you can find some of the best architectural splendour that this place has to offer. Some of the usual highlights include the Edris House., Del Marcos Hotel, and Elvis’s Honeymoon Hideaway.

This list might not suffice your day out at Palm Springs but it surely will help you navigate further while planning out the activities according to your schedule.

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