How to Open Up To Higher Realms of Beings


Posted on: 14 June 2019 by Siya Carla

The concept of good old days is sheer nostalgia and what we have now is possibilities, one of the most powerful tools humankind ever had.

If you look back in history and compare the time with modern era, you will realize that you are living in the best time—the concept of good old days is sheer nostalgia and what we have now is possibilities, one of the most powerful tools humankind ever had. 
Often you have heard people blaming technology for their busy lives, and then blaming their busy lives for not having time to do what they wished to do, and these unfulfilled wishes causing them pain, leading to unhappiness and despair. 
The problem is many of us are not ready for this change. We are not ready to best utilize the “time”—the most advantageous element of the era. We are stuck in our old ways to use the “leisure time” to chat and take information of the outside world, rather introspect. 
As the amount of “leisure time” is increasing, we lack the plan to use the time more consciously, instead we are mindlessly following the herd with no leader, no purpose, no agenda. 
Opening Up Higher Realms of Beings 
Living consciously is extremely important. But most of us attach our lives to certain perceptions, be it related to how we should we live our lives to how others should live their life. 
And this way, we completely destroy the advantage we have of our time—the possibilities; the chance to make things possible. 
Here are the three things that we can do to most wisely use our time in the era of possibilities: 
Changing Our Outlook on Death
Our mind is very powerful. It analyzes the situations, and based on those analysis, creates thoughts. There are many limitations to its analysis; it has limited knowledge, its capability to think beyond the situation is not high, it doesn’t have enough experience. 
Fear breeds on these thoughts. To overcome fear, we need to control our thoughts, change our perception, increase our knowledge, and improve our capabilities. 
Rather than fearing from death, we should treat it as an ultimate, and so utilize the time more wisely, irrespective of what we are facing. 
Often our fear, powered by irrelevant thoughts, distract us from mindfully performing our tasks. We get too engrossed in doing things that everybody is doing, believing that we are on track, but never bother to check where this track leads to.
It is important for us to connect with our inner self, realize what we want knowing that our time is limited on earth, while also controlling our materialistic urges. 
Paying Attention to Life 
Most of us either live in the present or in the past. Hardly we show up in the present to truly experience life. 
We nurture aspirations based on our perception of past and future. For example, we want to become a rich person in future, and to attain that we direct all our efforts to becoming rich, may be in span of 5, 10, or 15 years—to each its own. 
We believe that once we become rich, we will start living our lives the way we want, till then, let’s focus our 100% time and energy on becoming rich. 
With this belief, we completely ignore the fact that time is a depleting resource, and the time when achieve our desired “richness”, we will not be able to enjoy it with same fervor. As time affects our perception and perception of people around us. 
In life it is essential to live in the present, so that we don’t miss the beauty around us and that we stay grounded and experience our full existence. 
Stop Making Choices in Unawareness 
People are often tied to their habits. Habits are formed depending upon our choices that we unconsciously make. Like, people often complain that they have a habit of waking up late. 
If you get into the problem, it is nothing but unconsciously we are making choices. We can change the habit, but for that we need to make a habit of making conscious decision.
Say if you are angry, it is your choice to be angry and not somebody else has forced or told you to be angry. This type of choices is rather compulsion that originates from our unconscious mind. 
Final Thoughts 
We are a reflection of our lives. How we live our life totally define us, and since we are living in the best time of the era, when we are empowered with technology that gives us a massive amount of leisure time, it is up to us to practice living more consciously. This way we can better utilize our time and open up to higher realms of being. 
Siya Carla is the Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which provides unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating interactive mobile apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent mobile app development company.

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