How to Make your Garden (Grand) Child-Friendly


Posted on: 17 March 2015 by Pano Savvidis

Learn how to create the perfect garden space that suits the whole family.

If you’re a keen gardener, or garden-enjoyer, you’ll want to share this with your grandchildren. However, there are certain elements that you might want to avoid if you’re creating a garden with them in mind, or looking to update your garden to make sure that they’re safe.

Making a garden child-friendly needn’t be as permanent as it might be if you were becoming parents, as your grandchildren won’t necessarily be at your home all the time.


Take a look at your garden and consider the dangers for a small child. Make sure they cannot get out of your garden by themselves by installing a garden gate, and you may want to consider installing a hedge or fence around their play area.


Avoid thorns and poisonous plants such as foxgloves, daffodils and rhubarb. With small children you may also want to avoid fragile flowers and plants. 

Let Them Grow

If you want to share your love of gardening, give them a small plot of their own. Choose plants that are brightly coloured or are soft to the touch and germinate quickly so they don’t lose interest. Vegetables too are a good bet – they may even want to eat them if they’ve grown them themselves!

Outdoor Toys

While they are a more permanent fixture in your garden, consider entertaining your grandchildren with outdoor toys, such as swings, climbing frames or even playhouses like these ones. However, to avoid injuries, you need to make sure that the ground around them is soft, like grass or bark. Sandpits are great too, but they need to be maintained well. Cover it when not in use to prevent local cats using it, and worm your own pets regularly to ensure that grandchildren are not exposed to potentially dangerous parasites.


Ponds are really dangerous for children, so you may want to consider getting rid of your pond altogether. If you don’t want your garden to be bereft of a pond, then think about how you can make it safer. Fit a safety grill and a fence to make sure that it’s not easily accessible by small curious hands. Alternatively, install a water feature instead of the pond.

Make sure children are supervised around paddling pools too.

Make Your Child Garden-Friendly

Educating your grandchildren is half the battle. Teach them to never put leaves or flowers in their mouth, and to leave tools and ponds alone.

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