How to Make a Pyramid Out of Kraft Paper?


Posted on: 09 May 2019 by James Franklin

The unique and versatile kinds of packaging are available in the market. There are hundreds of materials from which we can make the boxes to pack the products. You can make them at home by yourself also. There are many real and more natural ways to make packaging. You can pack the goods and present to your friends.

You can also make them fabulous and stand out with the help of creative designing. Kraft packaging is widely using worldwide to store different products. There are varying shapes that you can make. You can manufacture them by getting some materials. The procedure to create a pyramid shape of kraft packaging boxes is stated as follows. 
Draw Pyramid Template
Take a square kraft paper. You can draw the pyramid on this paper or use the printed paper. You can bring by using a pencil. The triangles are drawn on the paper. Then cut them properly. After cutting they join all the triangles. The base will remain square shape. Cut the sides of the paper with care. Do not damage the shape of the pyramid. You can also use printed pyramid shape. Get the print on the paper from the computer. Then cut them with great care. 
Crease the Edges
Now flip all the sides. Bend the pyramids as you draw on the paper. Creasing the edges of the pyramid is essential. It will give a beautiful and decent look at all sides. Use a sharp knife to crease the kraft paper packaging. You can also trace the lines on the pyramid shape gently. You can easily bend and fold the pyramid. Keep in mind that turn the paper inward. It will give a perfect shape to your pyramid. 
Decorate the Edges 
The designing is an essential part of the packing. You can make a stand out kraft presentation box with creative designs. You can take help from digital printing. You can also design with decorative materials. The glitter colors can be used. The tapes and ribbons can also be used for designing. The flowers and other related things can be made. You can make the images of food items on kraft food packaging with the latest styles. The pictures on the packing increase the value of the packed products. You can see the relevant pictures. Use the bright and funky colors to make them distinct. The gift packs can also be designed. You can print the greetings on the paper. The text can also be written in stylish writing. The information about products can also be printed. The ingredients of the goods printed on packing create an excellent impression in the minds of the buyers. You can beautifully decorate the edges of the pyramid.  
Form the Box
Now you can form the pyramid finally. You can apply glue and tape on all the sides of outside edges. Join all the sides of the pyramid together. Press all the sides with care and wait to get dry the glue. The pyramid is ready now. You can also make its lid with kraft paper. You can get the kraft boxes with lids also. 
Wrap the Pyramid
The final form of pyramid kraft packing is ready to use. Pack your products inside it. Make it more outstanding. You can cover the whole packing with wrapping paper. It will make it more protective of your products. You can also wrap it with wrapping tape and ribbon. The tapes and fabrics are printed with amazing styles. You can choose the color and design of your choice. You can also use wrapping cards. The wrapping tapes and ribbon can be wrapped in various styles. You can make different shapes like a butterfly, tie a bow and other you like. You can also use the combination of tapes and ribbons in various colors. It will increase the beauty of the pyramid. The customers will be glad to get such beautiful and well-designed packing.

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