How to Keep the Grandchildren While They're Off School


Posted on: 23 July 2018 by Christopher McKissock

Spending quality time with your grandchildren during the summer is always a joy, but thinking of new ways to keep them entertained can be tricky. Here we have listed a few fun things to try.

It’s that time of year again where the grandkids are off on the summer holidays and you’ve found yourself to be the go-to babysitter. We all love spending quality time with our grandkids, but it can be tricky finding new ways to keep them entertained and out of trouble. It can be all too easy to drop them in front of the TV or an iPad and leave them to be entertained, but it’s a lot better for their development to keep them stimulated in a variety of ways.

Have a Picnic

This requires a little planning but can be a great day out for everyone. Take advantage of the great weather if you have it and grab a few drinks, sandwiches, a blanket, and picnic in a local park or even on your own back lawn. You could bring a ball or board game along with you and have some old-fashioned fun.

Build an Indoor Fort

Kids love an adventure, imaginary or otherwise. Why not go on a pretend adventure and build an indoor fort? This idea isn’t for those who are incredibly house proud but can bring about a whole day of fun. Grab all the cushions and pillows you can find along with some sheets and pegs and build a canopy to act as the roof of your indoor fort. Create the walls and an entrance with pillows and cushions and let the grandkids’ imaginations run away with them.

Go on a Day Trip Away

A day trip away can be a great way to get out of the house and explore somewhere new. If you are in the UK, there are lots of great parks, museums and places to explore which are only a short car or bus ride away. If you are near Portsmouth, for example, there’s a lot you could see including the historic waterfront where there are over 90 stores, a bowling alley and a 14-screen cinema. Brighton and London are also not too far from Portsmouth if you want to go farther afield and see even more stunning parts of the UK.

Bake a Cake

Most children love everything sweet so why not teach them a skill like baking and the reward at the end is getting to ice it and eat it. This is a great way to pass on your skills in the kitchen or learn something new along with your grandchildren. You could start with something simple like fairy cakes and decorate the cakes together with a variety of sprinkles and icing.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Setting up a treasure hunt for your grandchildren can keep them entertained for hours. You could purchase a few small toys and hide them around the house and garden before writing up some clues to help the kids find them. Another treasure hunt could involve having the kids create maps and you draw little clues on their map.

Pick Fruit

Getting children to eat healthily can be a task, but a great and fun way to do it for everyone is to go fruit picking. See if there is somewhere near you that lets you go picking strawberries, say, and take the kids along. Not only will they have a fun day out, but the grandchildren will learn about nature and may even develop a love of fruit.


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