How to Increase the Service Life of Your Delicate Eyewear?


Posted on: 05 April 2019 by Grace Lily

Eyewear makes you able to see the world more clearly and at the same time give us a new look. They are very beneficial but very delicate. To maintain them and extend their lives, it is important to take care of your ANSI safety glasses scientifically. By following numerous tips, you will get an achievement.

Eyewear is a precious investment. Half of the population are wearing them. It’s not surprising, as people spend extra time to select the perfect safety frame glasses. It is being said, it is only a logical thing that you don’t care about your investment. Although, many people don’t know that by a good investment, they can extend the service life of their eyewear.


  • Keep them in a case if you are no longer using:

The first step for taking care of glasses to keep them in a safe case. Although for many people it is like a no-brainer, most of them don’t have a case. Or if anyone has, they don’t use that case and it’s not a big deal for them. Your case is foremost protection for your eyewear. Why do you expose your ANSI safety glasses, when you have a very appropriate way to shield them? You must invest in a case to protecting your eyeglasses more.


  • Avoid from rough cleaning technique:

For cleaning your optics, you should start by washing beneath a soothing stream of hand-hot water. With this technique, all debris if they have will be washed out. After this, use a small quantity of liquid dishwasher and clean them. Avoid alcohol or typical spit way. Make sure, don’t rub your lenses with a paper towel, tissue, paper napkin or shirt. These things are harmful and damage the surface of lenses. Window cleaner, cleaner with ammonia, vinegar, or bleach never try on lenses. If you want to search prescription safety glasses near me, feel free to visit  


  • Take off with two hands:

With this technique, your earpiece will be aligned and straight. If you use one hand for taking off, glasses can stretch out and possible can lose. Another weird thing that most people do, they keep their glasses on the head. This is also a reason to loosen the frames. For further detail of the cleaning technique, read these below articles. Hopefully, these methods can work to some extent.

  1. Top six methods to remove scratches from the eyewear
  2. 6 easy steps to clean Prescription Safety Glasses


  • Don’t leave them in hot places:

It is risky to leave your eyewear in your car or in any hot place. If you are parking your car in direct sunlight, car temperature can increase more than 172 degrees. This temperature is enough to melt your glasses if they have a plastic frame. The heat has the potential to wrap your RX safety glasses lenses. 


  • Always repair them from professional:

Make sure, you are repairing your eyewear from an expert optical store. You should look for professional repair when you find frame is losing or out of shape. Avoid servicing it by yourself, because probably, you could scratch the lenses.

Spectacles are a very important investment, so you should value them. You have no need to buy new glasses, you can keep them new by caring with the above simple tips. In the end, you can get two benefits by keeping them safe, protect your eyes and save your cash.


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