How to Find a Good Dentist in Your Area


Posted on: 01 December 2015 by Anna Kec

Good dental practice is paramount to oral health. But finding one can be a very grueling process.

Good dental practice is paramount to oral health. But finding one can be a very grueling process. There are dozens of local providers, but only few are really trustworthy. Avoid hastily making a choice of which dentist to entrust your orthodontic needs by using the comprehensive and unbiased guide below. 

Establish a Baseline

Building a template helps to simplify the process without losing key filters that ensure quality. For most of us, this baseline starts off with location. Which dental clinic is closest to our home, school, or workplace? Close proximity to your dental care provider allows effortless commitment to scheduled appointments. If it's walking distance, you can even save transportation money. 

A second parameter to add to your template is the need for specialized services. For instance, if anyone in your family has crooked teeth that needs correcting, you may need an orthodontist, which is a specialization within the dentistry practice. For general checkups and treatment of gum or teeth problems other than those cosmetic in nature, a general dentist is well up to the task. 

Credentials should of course be part of your criteria. Dental care providers must meet industry standards for safety and quality. Is your prospected dentist licensed to work in your area? Do they have enough field experience for you to feel confident in them? 

Start Contacting Your Leads

Now that you have a template, it's time to look for actual dental care providers within your vicinity. Expect to find dozens of small, quiet dental clinics that you may not even have heard of before. When it comes to finding a service provider, most of us look to our trusted family members, relatives, and friends for referrals. As trustworthy as some of these leads can be, it is unwise to limit your search based on these referrals. Instead, supplement it with data gathered online. 

Optimize your search online by typing in your place of residence, such as Gold Coast or Brisbane. Local searches will narrow down options you have access to while still giving you near 100 percent of the businesses that practice within your area. 













Majority of dental practices today have dedicated websites you can peruse for information. This also serves as a convenient way to contact the office for inquiries or for scheduling an appointment. Having a dedicated website also adds integrity to the practice and shows how committed they are to reaching clients and providing high quality care. 

Ask the Right Questions

It is best to ask questions during an in-person visit to the dentist's office. Because a dentist can't go on a Q&A segment with you for more than an hour since he/she has other patients, it is important to ask the right questions within the limited time you are given with him/her. How long has he been practicing dentistry? How do they approach implant procedures? What insurance plans do they accept? 

During your time in the clinic, observe the surroundings. Is the lobby and operating room clean of any molds, dirt, or pests? What amenities do they offer while you wait in the lobby? And how long did it take for the dentist to call you in relative to your appointment time? These questions are as important as the first set, but can only be answered through keen observation. 

Finding a reliable dentist in your area is a big step for you and your family. You are basically entrusting care for a core aspect of your overall health. And while it can be intimidating to choose a dentist whom you've had no experience with before, the guide above should cover the basics. 

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