How to elongate your kitchen storage


Posted on: 09 April 2019 by avita dcosta

How to elongate your kitchen storage

Everyone is fine if they have a messy room or even have a clumsy drawing but it is disturbing to have a messy kitchen. A kitchen is a place where everyone needs everything to be perfect. But we all are going through the house storage problems but storage units Fontana gives you some do it yourself tips to head up with the kitchen problem.

There are so many things we can reduce so as to get the perfect space for the grocery.

Tips to push the spaces:-

  1. First thing is that the cutting boards should not be taking so much space. It should be organised in the racks so as it can make things easy for you in the kitchen.
  2. Knife holders are a reason why we get messed up so there is a two-way thing and that is to use barbecue sticks like a knife holder.
  3. You should use vertical storage for your plates so that they consume less space and more amount of plates can be placed.
  4. Nowadays retractable racks are used to reduce the kitchen space. All the pots and pans can be placed and used to reduce the space consumed.
  5. Using jars to store spices are a good reducer of space. They can be placed on each other and are portable so that makes making space easy in the kitchen.
  6. The most annoying thing is to search for the things which are of routine use. Retractable racks near the stove are good support for you to reach small things without recklessness.
  7. Pegboards are very useful to place pots and pans to use the wall for hanging them and make it easy for the person in the kitchen to be messed up.
  8. Tin cans can be used to store the utensils. By the way of one’s craft, we can make them into utensil holder.
  9. Just like pegboards floating racks for pans are also a very good way to use the space to hang them and use that space.
  10. If you have an empty wall you can convert it into the shelf to place the kitchen utensils and to a pegboard or a floating rack for pans and pots.

The above tips are relatable and are easy as you can do it yourself. Storage in the kitchen other than having a store for storage is a big thing.

We can also use the side of a counter as extra storage space. It will create another storage space in the kitchen. We can store some extra budget for the kitchen in these racks.

Storage units Fontana is a new age storage unit used to store some more space in the kitchen. It helps you to retain the left out space in you kitchen you didn’t even noticed.

Creating a vertical rack is also a very easy and store free idea to create space in your kitchen. Working in kitchen is only easy when you have sufficient space to work freely and also independently. So these tips and diy gives a overview to get started with creating spaces in your kitchen.






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