How to create a taxi app like Uber?


Posted on: 05 September 2019 by Jennifer Atkinson

While building your own taxi application, the first thing is to choose the programming language. Below are a few technology stack information which would help you to create a taxi app.

There are basically two possible solutions for this. One is to build your own taxi booking application from scratch. This can cost you a fortune. Besides, it consumes a large amount of time and effort as well. The second and the easiest one is to employ a ready-made software solution, which is the affordable one among two.
Tech Stack to Build Taxi App
While building your own application, the first thing is to choose the programming language. Below are a few technology stack information which would help you to create a taxi app,
To process and handle numerous user requests, driver routes, and other data, you need your server. So, approach a web hosting partner and try getting a dedicated server to run your operations smoothly.
The most common programming languages that are used by Uber for the back-end developments are Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails. Know what works for you and approach your developers to implement it.
For location and tracking facility, Uber uses OpenStreetMap API, which is applicable for both iOS/Android. But few developers use Google Maps and Google Location Services API for Android applications and MapKit or CoreLocation framework for iOS devices.
Use payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, Paytm, PayPal mobile SDK to support all type of in-app payments. When you take Uber, it uses Braintree.
Uber uses Google Firebase for Android and Apple Push for iOS phones to integrate push notification feature.
Cloud communication platforms like Plivo, Nexmo, Tropo can be used. But when you focus Uber, it uses Twilio for SMS sendouts.
Try the ready-made solution to create your taxi app
Appdupe, a reputed app development company has created an award-winning Uber clone app for developing real-time location like Uber.
Key Factors to consider while building the application
  • An efficient tracking system is the first thing you should consider building. It requires optimizing the code for performance, socket programming and communicating with various Google Maps APIs.
  • Allow users to register via phone. Ensure proper security back up, efficiently store the data user enters in the database.
  • Push notifications should be sent once the user booked the cab. Your apps server component should be custom created or can be handled by the 3rd parties. We prefer Amazon’s SNS as it is lightweight and efficient.
  • Besides, it needs SSL connection, which is a little hard to implement.
  • Integrate SDKs, that allows you to auto-deduct payments, invoicing and make refunds.

However, the most important part of the development process is the backend of your application. You can use PHP and javascript for this. Besides, give attention to the architecture, payment processing, navigation and so much more. 

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Gwen Goodwin Gwen Goodwin posted 12 September 2019

Well, thank you for uploading this as I was searching essay shark for a long time. The thing which I like the most in them is that step to step guide need to make that app. Loved your article.

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