How To Choose The Right Pet For Your Family


Posted on: 29 July 2021 by Jacqui Coombe

When considering what pet to call family, it’s important to think about your lifestyle and how this may or may not align with the needs of certain pets.

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that pets bring so much love and light into human’s lives. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you might be thinking about complementing your ever growing family with a furry addition.
When considering what pet to call family, it’s important to think about your lifestyle and how this may or may not align with the needs of certain pets. By taking the time to research, you’re laying the groundwork to form a bond with your chosen pet that lasts a lifetime.
Picking the right pet
Some people have known the pet they would pick out for themselves since they were young children. While others may have spoken with significant others about the cat versus dog debate. However, often the pet we have been imagining for ourselves isn’t in fact the ‘right’ pet.
When considering the pet you want to introduce into your family, it’s important to think about their needs and your own. At the end of the day, knowing that you can provide the animal with the care needed to thrive is the most important aspect of pet ownership. Because from there, everything else just falls into place.
  • Cats
For those looking for pets who are loving and generally low maintenance, cats are the way to go. Contrary to popular belief, most cats are social animals who love attention in the form of cuddles and play time.
While cats are relatively low maintenance, their litter boxes will need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. They also require scratching posts or equipment as they need to scratch. Known for their distinct personalities, a cat provides endless entertainment.
  • Dogs
The most important thing to know about dogs is the fact that they are inherently social. In fact, dogs need human interaction in order to be happy. For those looking to forge an unbreakable bond and receive unwavering companionship, dogs are the right pets for you.
When compared to cats, dogs need a lot of care. Because of their love for humans, you will need to spend several hours a day with your dog and exercise them regularly. In the beginning, you will need to teach them basic skills and social cues.
  • Other animals
For those still yearning to own a pet though they may be time poor, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs may be the right option. While these animals may not be able to show affection like cats and dogs, they can and will provide their owners with joy and of course, responsibility!
Matching the pet with your family
When choosing the right pet for your family you have to consider all of the animal’s needs and whether or not you can account for them. Different species of animals have different needs, that’s why not everyone owns a dog, for example.
In order to choose the most appropriate pet you have to consider your lifestyle and family dynamics and how a pet may change this, for better or worse. Once you’ve asked the hard questions, you will be better equipped to pick the right animal.
  • Considering your life stage
Cats can live up to 15 years or more. Most dogs live anywhere between 7 and 15 years. With this in mind, consider your age and the age of your family members. Will there likely be people around to care for the pet in a way that is both responsible and loving?
  • Accounting for your lifestyle
Cats may be low maintenance and dogs may require more care, but both animals require human interaction. Will there be people in the house at all times? Or, will the pet have to live outside for most of the day? Additionally, do your family often go on long holidays?
  • Assessing your home space
Whether you opt for a cat or dog, rabbit or guinea pig, the bottom line is, your pet will need space. Look at your house objectively, both inside and outside and assess whether there is enough room for a pet to realistically live, play and thrive. Is there room for beds, bowls and toys?
Another thing to note is the fact that pets are prone to heat stroke. Many pet owners aren’t aware that cats and dogs can overheat when the weather is hot and may need to seek treatment. Before buying a pet, understand how the climate of your area may affect their health.
Introducing a new pet into the family
Pets can be an immense source of satisfaction. However, pet ownership is also a huge responsibility. From daily exercise requirements to spending hours and even weeks teaching them tricks and commands, owning a pet is a hands on responsibility.
By taking the time to research the kind of pet that will fit comfortably into your home life and family dynamic, you are ensuring an unbreakable bond for years to come. Because, when you can properly look after your furry friend, their love for you will last a lifetime.

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The first step is to determine what type of animal your family would like as a pet. Once that decision has been made, you will then want to consider the needs and responsibilities that come with owning a certain animal.

Some animals may require more time and commitment than others, so it's best we figure out which we will be able to handle before choosing. Some types of pets also come with different levels of responsibility and exercise requirements, so below is a list of popular pets and their respective space or exercise requirements:

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