How to buy a sofa online


Posted on: 27 March 2017 by Durian Furniture

Read reviews on other websites like Houzz and gauge the shopping experience with the company.

Whether it's a lazy sunday afternoon of relaxed reading or a saturday nights that’s all about entertaining the sofa is a central gathering spot at home. It constitutes a major lifestyle purchase, one that will live with you for many years to come. Some aspects of sofa shopping like actually sitting on a sofa can only be done in a retail showroom setup but online retailers have upped the ante by offering competitive prices, more product ranges and styles, lower prices and personalised customer service. Understanding the right questions to ask and the policies to consider will set you on a path to successfully buy sofas online.

Order swatches.

Having a touch and feel of a wide variety of swatches in hand will give you a good sense of quality and durability and the overall feel you're looking for. Vet the company you're purchasing from. Reach out and connect with someone from the website. A good chat, email or call will provide you an understanding of the customer service you can expect to receive.

Ask all pertinent questions such as:


  • What’s the wear and tear of the fabric like?

  • Can it be customized?

  • What’s the warranty like?

Read reviews on other websites like Houzz and gauge the shopping experience with the company.

Read delivery and return policies.

Be sure you understand the policy when it comes to delivery of your furniture. Check to see the terms and conditions of the delivery. Most people go in expecting white glove delivery which ensures that the sofa is delivered to the room, providing the assembly when needed and removing all the packaging. Since this is a lifestyle purchase, you need to know the returns policy as well in case the sofa doesn't match your expectations. 


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