How to Build Security into Your New Build


Posted on: 04 October 2018 by Thomas Cook

A new-build property will provide you with a blank canvas to make your house your home. You’ll also have the peace of mind that you were the only resident to have ever lived inside the property.

It’s therefore hardly surprising that many people are choosing to invest in the modern housing. However, if you want to feel 100% comfortable in your new home, you will need to protect it effectively. Find out how to build security into your new build.

Invest in a Burglar Alarm

If you want to sleep peacefully in your bed every night, or not have to worry about your home while at work, you should invest in a burglar alarm. If an intruder attempts to gain access to your home, they will trigger the alarm, which could force them to flee the scene. Plus, both you and the police will be notified to take swift action. Get in touch with CCTV installers Bristol to find out more about their residential security systems.

Secure Your Doors

33% of intruders reportedly attempt to gain access to a home through the front door. That’s why you must inspect your front door and review the strength of both its frame and hinges. For example, if the wood is hollow, you would be wise to replace the door and possibly the frame. You also should check no-one could unlock the door through the mail slot. Plus, you can increase your home’s security by adding a deadbolt lock and peephole.

Change Your Window Locks

Unfortunately, many property companies can cut corners when creating new builds to save money, so your window latches might be a little flimsy. If so, you should replace them with either key-operated levels or locks, which can improve your safety. It might also be a good idea to install either tempered or laminated glass to create stronger windows.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

It’s important to get to know your neighbors once you move into your new home. Not only will this make you feel a part of a community, but they could monitor your home while you’re on vacation or at work. Try to form good relationships with your neighbors, so they will feel comfortable to give you a call if they suspect something fishy is happening in your home.

Illuminate Your Property

While the FBI has stated your home is more vulnerable to burglary during the day, which will most likely occur when you’re at work, it is still possible an intruder will attempt to enter at night. Boost your home security by placing outdoor lighting around the front and back of your property. For an extra protection, invest in lights that offer motion sensors, as an intruder is less likely to break into your property once you place a spotlight on them.

Learn More About Your Local Resources

Once you have moved into your home, familiarize yourself with your local resources, such as the local police station and number. You also should check if there is a neighborhood watch program you could join. If not, you could possibly start one to increase security in your area.

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