How To Ace Your College Exams Like A Pro


Posted on: 03 July 2019 by Kelly Dimarco

It’s that time of year again and your college exams are soon approaching. Every student at home and at school is panicking loud and clear with the impending doom that is known as exams.

It’s that time of year again and your college exams are soon approaching. Every student at home and at school is panicking loud and clear with the impending doom that is known as exams. Your teachers, neighbors and parents are all on your head giving you tips and tricks in acing your exams – and for this reason, you rather become a dropout at this point then to go ahead with exam prep.

We are here to tell you this – as hard as it may seem – fret not. Here are the many ways we have conjured up to help you out with your college exam prep.

1) Be Prepared

Every student knows when is finals week, so make sure to be on top of your game and gather information about your exams. Revision week is alert week. You want to be informed of everything that your teacher says and does. This includes jotting down the topics and chapters you should be studying, the format in which you will be writing your exam and whether or not you will have a MCQs section.

2) Detective Mode

You want to go all Sherlock Holmes on your teacher and exam prep. What we mean is, you want to track down every material your teacher has given you from the start of the semester and analyze what is most likely to come on the test. To deduce your analysis even further, you want study the current theme in all your quizzes, case studies, home works and assignments.

Chances are, your teacher might be leaving some clues in all the above to test how smartly you can pick your course of action.

3) Test Yourself

It has been proven time and time again that practicing on your own is far better than passively revising your notes or reading the same key points repeatedly. It is far better to be an active learner than a passive one – which is why we suggest using flashcards.

To make your studying experience light and breezy, you want to ask yourself questions and think of the answer carefully before quitting and taking out your flashcards.

You can even write up your own practice tests and time yourself in answering them. The best thing to do in this scenario is to create difficult questions on topics you suspect will appear on the test and tackle them wisely.

4) Study Everyday

Forgive the use of clichés but quality does exceed quantity – there, we said it. For any student who wants to ace their exams, you want to be the type of student who gives quality time to your studies. With that being said, you want to spend at least 2 to 3 hours studying with focus and concentration everyday instead of studying for 6 to 7 hours every day and burning yourself out.

Logically, you won’t even be able to cover all the topics properly in one go – which means your long hours of studying will all go in vain. Consistency is key and slow and steady wins the race, (yay clichés!) so you want to do little every day and stick to that plan to ace your exam prep.

5) Kick Your Distractions Out

Distractions are a successful person’s worst enemy. There is by far nothing worse for someone who wants to achieve their goals and aspirations only to be distracted midway and lose direction.

You know yourself better than anyone – and so you are also well aware of the distractions that tempt you away from your desired objective. What we suggest is to list down your distractions and list down the ways you plan on tackling them.

Whether it’s your phone that won’t stop buzzing, or your dog that won’t stop barking – you know better how to block those distractions. If it’s your phone that’s distracting you, simply put it in another room to avoid checking your notifications. If it’s your dog’s barking that’s driving you insane, switch to studying in a library or café to build focus and concentration.

Basically, do what you must to reach your goal – trust us, your sacrifices will thank you later.

6) Don’t Take It Easy

Ever experienced that moment when you thought a certain topic won’t come but then you flick open your exam paper and there it is, right before your very eyes – staring at you? Yes – we know, we’ve been there too.

Even if your predictions do come true and that topic doesn’t come – does it mean you should still take a chance? The answer is: An absolute no. You never want to take chances and suffer the consequences later. Even if you think the topic in general is a piece of cake, you should still consider revising it thoroughly.

You never know, that very topic could be your key to acing your college exams.

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End Note

We have all experienced highs and lows during our student years. Some of us were careful while some of us were careless – but nonetheless, we learned.  Which tips did you live by and which mistakes taught you the most in life? Let us know in the comments below!








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