How The Smartphones & Social Media Have Changed The Business Norms


Posted on: 19 May 2020 by shady johnson

No doubt, social media, and smartphones have significantly changed the way businesses operate, you can not ignore any one of them otherwise you may face challenges.

Mobile is booming. Numerous articles are published on the internet about how excessive usage of smartphones has changed business policy. Gone are the days where only standard websites will work for your business, and you earn the profit. Today, if you are not active enough on mobile, then you will fail to impress the audience. GenZ spends, on average, 5 hours and per day on mobile, so you can imagine the effects of it on business.

Apart from this, data plans have become cost-effective; people are online 24*7 and consuming content of each sector, whether it is news, politics, entertainment, and media. Smartphones allow us to trade globally, for example, if you have a small product to sell, you can register yourself on many online websites with small descriptions, you will get lots of leads and prospects for your business. Thus, we can state that mobile phones have changed everything.

Better Connectivity

Usage of smartphones is changing the way of business, now business focuses on how to drive more sales with mobile marketing rather than normal marketing methods. Mobile phones now have the potential to change everything from top to bottom, and mobile innovations are connecting us faster than ever before.

With 5G, Artificial intelligence, and other IoT technologies have affected business. It will make the business easier to reach and target a global audience. The faster connection is the most obvious reason behind the use of mobile in the business.

Earlier, if an employee is on leave, you need to connect their mail and tasks to another system to get things done, but now it's easier and quicker, you can sync your work wherever via smartphones without any security risk. 

Suppose, you have hired a grocery delivery app development company working in the UK, with the help of a smartphone and internet connection, you can connect with them in no time via instant messaging apps like Skype, Adobe Connect for healthy communication. 

Made Online Presence Strong

Nine out of ten buying products online and having a strong social presence. An online presence allows us to track and monitor customer's behavior and their needs. We can understand the customer in a better way.

Many small businesses and startups are now adopting viral and digital marketing into their marketing plan. It would help if you had a responsive website and a Facebook or Instagram business profile so that consumers can assume that you have something fresh to offer than others.

How many times do we search on Google in a day? We can not count it because whatever we do is influenced by the internet. If we want to buy something, we used to check reviews. First, it builds trust, and we find it" more reliable" than others.

Customer reviews and social media engagement can increase sales. Moreover, your online presence can increase your brand visibility and establish a strong connection with the audience


The future of mobile phones is bright, and innovations are unlimited. Technology is changing every day, and it offers new ways to business for expansion. Today, customers are hungry and want smart and rapid solutions for everything. Thus smartphones have changed millennials' lives, and the solopreneur must do business online with its customers to get better results.

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