How I Finally Took Control of My Garage


Posted on: 10 October 2014 by William Freddy Hope

As you know I'm an avid car fan and as you can imagine I have a lot of tool for the restoration processes I do. Here's how I managed to get all my stuff in check will a couple of useful links to some great quality kit I got recommended to me by a friend.

I love my garage. It’s not just a place where I get to tweak with my car, it’s my home away from home and a place to escape when things aren’t going my way inside the house. My wife, on the other hand, always thought the place was a mess. What do you expect after all this time though? It’s been my work station for years and tools aren’t exactly something you throw out. Besides, it’s not like you look like you did this--


Anyway, rather than continue to argue I decided to finally do something about it. I thought just getting the place more organised would be a big improvement so I picked up some  tool chest cabinets from SGS Engineering. I have to admit, my wife was right. Not only does the place look better, I can actually find what I’m looking for in good time.


I picked up the 26" nine-draw tool box chest and it has a real professional level of quality for a consumer level price. It’s made of quality, heavy duty steel with a double wall construction. Because it looks so good I was actually worried that it might scratch up easily, but the protective coating means the sleek black finish will last. All the drawers lock via a singular tumbler lock so you can keep everything safe whether it’s just for personal use in the home or as part of your work and career.


There’s a removable tray at the top for easy access and the nine drawers all open smoothly with ball bearing sliders that you know will last. There’s also spaces for naming tags on each of the drawers. Unfortunately, though, I haven’t got that organised yet.


As well as that I also bought the eight-draw tool box chest on roller wheels. The handles are solid and there’s no rocking when you move it as the castor wheels stay firm. It has the same black finish as the other tool box as well as the secure locking system. There’s also four hooks on the side of the unit for your most commonly used tools. You can tell the manufacturers took real pride in the construction of the piece as they’ve included mat liners in each of the drawers to prevent it getting scuffed or scratched up.


If you’re looking for a new tool cabinet at the moment, I can’t recommend SGS Engineering enough. Mine arrived the next working day free of charge and they include a ten year warranty for peace of mind.

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William Freddy Hope

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