How Custom Sliding Closet Doors Can Modernize Your Room


Posted on: 01 May 2017 by James look

When it's time to give a modern update to rooms in today's homes, most people look to the obvious choices. Changing the furniture, painting the walls a different color, or installing new light fixtures seems to be the way most folks believe will work best for their surroundings.

However, while tasks may change the look and feel of a room, closet doors often get ignored during the design and decorating process and that can be a mistake. In fact, today's modern glass custom closet doors are anything but boring, and can be made to capture the style and elegance almost anyone has in mind for their home. By being able to make multi-functioning types of closet doors using various hardware and glass types, custom closet door companies can bring new and innovative ideas to any room. If you're ready to modernize your surroundings but are in need of some new ideas, here are some unique ways custom sliding closet doors can accomplish this and much more.

Sliding Closet Doors

Emphasizing functionality and a modern look, sliding closet doors have a way of complementing virtually everything else in a room. For example, doors with a smoky glass opacity tone could be matched with the modern Danish lighting found in many of today's homes, giving the room a modern feel while still lending itself to a bit of the past. Allowing for plenty of natural light to shine in, these doors also help make a room appear bigger and more inviting, along with being very space-saving. Safe, sturdy, and able to be customized with various locks and latches, these closet doors are indeed a must-have for today's contemporary homes.

Custom Closet Doors for Oddly-Sized Spaces

If there is one thing that can present a problem in the midst of redesigning a room, it's discovering a closet space has measurements that are outside the norm. However, rather than give up or settle for something less, there are many types of modern closet doors that can be customized to fit even the oddest of spaces. Along with giving a modern look and feel to the room, it will bring a sense of uniqueness that will be appreciated by everyone. With a variety of timeless door designs such as Solo, Trio, Pentagon, Continental, and many more from which to choose, virtually anyone can find a custom closet door for their unique space and shape.

Mirrored Closet Doors

One thing interior designers know is that eventually everything that was once popular ultimately comes back into style yet again, and glass is no exception. One of today’s hottest design trends, mirrored closet doors turn any room into a modern room while also enhancing other elements. For example, mixing mirrored closet doors with brass hardware can bring an air of elegance and sophistication to a room, since brass and copper are also hot items in modern interior design. And along with providing an added sense of style, these glass doors can also make the space around them appear bigger, helping the entire look and feel of the room. In addition to giving the illusion of additional space, glass doors can also complement a variety of other elements in a room, such as furniture and fixtures. By matching the door frames to the furniture and the locks and latches to the fixtures, you'll have a room that will be coordinated throughout.

Glass Sliding Doors

When most people think of glass sliding doors, their thoughts usually turn to those that lead outside to a patio. However, as these doors have found more and more uses inside, designers have been able to let their imaginations run wild. As the premier way to lend a look of modern style and elegance to a room, closets have become the focal point of many rooms. However, the trick is to not just have a great-looking closet door, but also store the contents in a way that eliminates or hides clutter. For many people, the answer to this problem is to use frosted glass on their custom closet doors. Not only does this make the door look outstanding, but it's also a great way to hide the clutter and lend a special touch of elegance to the room.

While years ago closets were barely discussed when it came to interior design, today's modern designers have changed the conversation dramatically. Using customized glass closet doors in ways many people never imagined, homes everywhere are being transformed simply due to their closets. Whether using frosted or opaque laminated glass to help hide a closet's contents, a walnut or charcoal frame finish to compliment a room's existing color scheme and furniture, or installing designer latches and locks to bring a room up-to-date with today's hottest design trends, there's little doubt customized closet doors can modernize your home in many new and exciting ways.

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