How Can Exercise Help You Live to a Hundred


Posted on: 21 June 2016 by Norah Martin

Learn how exercising will help you maintain a long and healthy life.

Even though life expectancy is at its all-time high, this bears little significance for you as an individual. When it comes to your own health (and your own life expectancy), the only thing that matters are some of your lifestyle choices. What you eat, what you drink, how much you sleep and, of course, how stern and thorough are you in your exercise efforts. With this in mind, here are some ways in which exercises can help you live to a hundred.

Learning How to Fall

One of the most important quotes of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy is that we fall so that we can learn how to pick ourselves up. Even though this must be true, in some cases, if you don’t know how to fall properly, you might not be able to pick yourself up at all. Namely, you would be surprised just how much fall-related deaths there are in the world on an annual basis, and not all of these falls are caused by height. Some exercises, like tumbling drills, can prepare you even for this worst case scenario and teach you how to fall properly. In other words, tumbling and standing up (preferably by using just your feet) is one of the first things you should master if you aim to become a centenarian.

Light Aerobics

Seeing how hearth diseases are the leading non-violent cause of death in the world, improving the state of your cardiovascular health should be paramount. Here, you would do well to turn to light aerobic activities like walking, jogging or even cycling. Of course, appropriately to your years, you shouldn’t embark on heavy cardio or exercise to your limitations. In fact, going overboard with cardio isn’t recommended even for younger people. Simply take your time, since, if you are aiming for a hundred, you will have more than enough of it.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Doing aerobics, or any other exercise for that matter, is something that will keep you with your healthy bodyweight ratio. Which, once more, works in your favor. There is a close correlation between obesity and type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, this type of diabetes amounts to 90% of all diabetes cases. Needless to say, developing diabetes significantly affects your chances of increasing life expectancy. Fighting obesity also lowers your cholesterol levels quite a bit. As you can see, maintaining a healthy weight is one of the keys to your longevity.

Good Exercise Habits

Finally, working out is not enough on its own, nurturing the right exercise habits to boost your efforts is important as well. The accordance of your meals with your training routines also plays a vital role in your health endeavors, and so does your gym wear. What you need are clothes that won’t be so tight as to prevent proper circulation, nor so lose to get in the way. Also, the material from which this apparel is made plays a vital role, since it prevents various allergies and affects how your skin reacts to sweat All of these things may appear as not that important, but when combined,8 they are not a force to be reckoned with.


In the end, it is all in your hands. Sure, you have your own genetic potential, but will you live up to it (or even exceed it) is completely up to you. The best thing about these exercise efforts is not only that they can help you live longer, but that they will also keep you invigorated even when you pass that enigmatic threshold of one hundred. Needless to say, by following this regimen, you may look and feel as several decades your juniors. 

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