Home Safety - 5 Things You Mustn't Forget


Posted on: 29 April 2019 by Tracey Clayton

As we get older, home safety becomes more and more important. So investing in some of the features from this article can help us feel safe and secure in our own home for years to come.

Home security has always been one of the most important issues for all homeowners. It is a known fact that you should spare no expense to keep your property and their loved ones secure and comfortable. The best way to do this is to try to look at your home the way a burglar would and to go over every potential weak spot with a security professional. A good security system isn’t just one that prevents a burglary, but the one that keeps you safe and alerts the authorities in case a burglary does occur.

Alarm system

There’s no one-size–fits-all solution for picking an alarm system, but there are some features you should definitely have. For instance, a central control unit (with a backup battery) that’s simple enough for everyone in the family to use. Your alarm should alert the police silently and scare off the burglars with a loud and threatening noise. So-called panic buttons that shut the doors and alert the police are also a good idea. They could be hand-held or wall-mounted at easily accessible locations.

Gate latches

The gate is the first line of your home defense and the most important part of it isn’t the lock itself but the cameras mounted on the top. Make sure they have a good overview of the yard and enough memory space to record hours of footage.  Choosing the right locks depends on how you use the gate. You can opt out for a key-less system if you usually enter the yard in a hurry or get a traditional deadbolt latches to make sure no one can get in. Motion detection sensors can also be applied to this area, but they can sometimes become a burden, especially if you have a pet running around.

Door locks

Install a solid deadbolt lock on every door. These locks use a 1 inch horizontal bolt to stay shot. Make sure that the locks have anti-saw and anti-drill features. A hardened still chip inside a lock would destroy an ordinary drill. Add metal strike plates to the door jamb because that’s the most vulnerable area and burglars usually just kick it open. The safer the better, but also don’t forget that there is the possibility of getting locked out, so you should also insure that you have a trusted locksmith that you can call if that happens.

Safes and privacy locks

Additional protection is needed inside the house. Think about installing a few privacy locks at a few strategic places around the house. Bathroom and bedroom are the most obvious options, but you can also add one to your study. If you have sensitive documents, significant amounts of cash or a firearm investing in a safe is also a good idea. The size of the safe and its portability is up to you –depending on the items stored in it.


Lights serve as perfect burglar  deterrent and are most efficient if you have  installed timer lights that will turn on every now and then when you’re not at home giving the illusion that the house is occupied. The same device can also be connected to the TV or any other loud appliance. You can also activate the lights using an app on your phone or other mobile devices.  Most home invasions happen when the homeowners are away, so this can be a significant deterrent.

Take home safety seriously and invest in the right equipment. The key is to choose the locks depending on where your property is vulnerable but not overburden yourself and make it too difficult to do your day to day activities without worrying about the alarm system.



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Isabel Lowry posted 22 January 2020

Thanks, Tracey for sharing a good piece of information.
Totally agree with you about home security and safety measures. In order to make a home secure, everyone should invest in above features and learn secure property management tips. Learning these tips will help you save your property from a burglar.


Rylee Warren posted 23 December 2020

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