Hiring the Right rent a car Agency.


Posted on: 11 October 2017 by Henly Reeves

Things to consider while hiring a car rental company for your holidays.

Picking a quality car rental in Dubai is indeed an immense decision, especially if it is a holiday. Well, everyone needs their vacation to be as stress-free as possible. Affordability, loyalty, and quality of service everything needs to be taken into consideration. However, if you found a good car rental company, things are more comfortable. Whenever you hire a car rental company, make sure that it’s offering you the best solutions and services.

Make sure that the deal is affordable and there are no hidden charges

This is the primary point you need to consider before opting a rent a car agency. Sometimes a nominal amount needs to be added, and most of the people want to avoid that. Stay away from companies who impose a lot of extra costs and fees. Say no to companies who advertise the base rate and charge you a lot more like extras. You need to choose a car rental company in Dubai that never use bait techniques for offering the low price. Moreover, check if you are getting a good car which comes under your budget· Special offers and extras must be checked

You need to primarily consider a Car hire company in Dubai who offer extra services. These extras will make your trip a best one. Check for extras like exclusive coupons and discounts and try maximum to use that within the tour. You can find the same more during offseason. It will help you to save a lot of money as well.

Loyalty Program.

The loyalty program is the one of the proof that a company values their customers and interested in keeping customers happy. As the industry is competitive, companies will make sure to tailor best loyalty programs for customer retention. Rewards may be air miles, discount coupons, and free pickups.

Know more about Etihad Guest Miles and JP Miles from SHIFT car rental


Usually, car rental package comes along with comprehensive insurance. This insurance is a basic type wherein you need to pay some amount of money if the accident happens because of your fault. There is CDW insurance available as an add-on.

Check everything well in advance and plan accordingly for a stress-free trip. When you know what exactly you need from a car rental provider, it’s easy for you, and it will save a lot of time and money. Now, surf the internet and start looking for some good deals. Various companies offer car rental services at best price. The only thing you need is to go through the terms and conditions, choose wisely your car rental company in Dubai and enjoy your Vacation.

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Sadan Ali posted 17 March 2020

Hiring the right car agency is very crucial. You need to research in detail about the car company before availing their services. 

During my last holidays, I rented a car from Parklane Car Rental. It is the best luxury car rental company in Dubai. The car hire Dubai services by Parklane car rental provides affordable services. It is a good choice to rent car from such a reputed company.


aliana ales posted 13 February 2021

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