Here's why Amazon Pay ICICI credit card is the best credit card for millennials- Amazon pay ICICI card


Posted on: 30 September 2019 by Sujain Thomas

People who were born in the ’90s are called millennials, some other names by which the 21st-century youngsters are known by are “Generation X”, “ABC Generation”

People who were born in the ’90s are called millennials, some other names by which the 21st-century youngsters are known by are “Generation X”, “ABC Generation” and more. But makes the people born between the 1990s so important? 

The millennials are the most technologically advanced generation. Typically, the people born in between 1980-1990 are the people who use technology to its fullest and are fuel to big e-commerce industry that is changing the way of shopping.

Since most of you are entering into 21-23 years there is a possibility that you will be applying for your first credit card. To start with it, you need to go on a hunt for the best credit card that will help you buy things. But be careful as it is not “free money” that you are using, when not managed properly you can fall into the trap of debt which is the worst situation to be in for any young person.

Millennials are a centre of attraction for all the business and they are a part of the consumer base. So, if you are a millennial there is a need for you to take advantage of the situation as much as you can by choosing the best credit card for yourself.

Credit card empowers people to buy things on credit and if used properly you can earn points and rewards on some purchase. You should choose a card that suits your lifestyle best. 


Here's why Amazon Pay ICICI credit card is the best credit card for millennials

Amazon Pay ICICI credit card was recently launched by ICICI Bank and Amazon. Initially, it is in its pilot phase where you can apply for a card only if you have an invitation. 


The benefit of Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card-

Here is a list of benefits that being a millennial or beginner in using a credit card you can enjoy with Amazon ICICI Card.


1. No joining fee or annual fee

While going for a new credit card, the first thing you need to be concerned about is joining fee or annual fee. The fee charges vary with different card providers. So, being a millennial and new to the credit card you can choose amazon pay ICICI credit card offering you no joining fee or annual fee.


2. No limit to the earnings 

Credit offers no limit on earning point and rewards, using the card smartly you can enjoy the opportunity of earning maximum benefits.


3. No expiry dates 

As being a first-timer, you often have to worry about the expiration date of earnings on your card. Choosing a card that provides a no-expiration date on earning is a smart step that you can take. You can earn great rewards on purchasing from 10 crores + products available at and at 100+ partner merchants.


Features that make it Ideals for Millennials

Introduced for the “techie generation”, the card features suit millennial lifestyle the most-


1. Earn back by using the card on

As a millennial, you are used to buying stuff online and chances are you are already an amazon prime user. The card allows you to earn 5% cashback on exclusively for Amazon Prime customers. As non-prime customers, you can still earn 3% cashback on which is still more compared to any other card.


2. 100+ Pay Partners Merchants

Using Amazon Pay ICICI card you can earn back about 2% on dealing with 100+ Pay Partner Merchants.

Besides that, you can earn back about 1% on other purchases.


3. Save on Restaurant Bills

Now you can save a minimum of 15% on your dining bill at participating restaurants. You can check the list of participating restaurants by visiting You can also download the ICICI Bank Culinary Treats mobile app available on the Google Play Store and Apple iStore.


4. Savings on fuel purchases

Enjoy bike rides or going on a road trip as this the credit card that offers you a whopping discount of 1% on fuel surcharge every time you refuel.


5. Chip and PIN security

The most important concern in today's technological advancement is safety with the transaction. Amazon Pay ICICI card comes with an embedded microchip to avoid counterfeiting and duplication of cards. With the new extra layer of security in form PIN (Personal Identification Number) you can use your card for transactions without any hesitation.



  1. Can you apply for Amazon Pay ICICI credit card if you already have a credit card?

It is currently an invite-only program and you can apply for an Amazon Pay ICICI card. After approval you only you will get a physical card.


2. How to check application status for the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card?

You can easily track your application by dialing 1800 102 0123 from your registered mobile number. You will be assisted by a customer care executive. All you need to do is provide required and track your application status.



You must know that the earning will be in the form of Amazon Pay Balance this might be the only reason that can turn-off many people but with the 10 crore products on amazon and 100+ merchant partners, it should not waver you from getting a card with that many benefits.


Also, if you are invited by Amazon for a card with that many benefits, you should take it. However, you should be careful with its use, as it is a credit card and you can end up in debts if you don’t manage your finances well. 


For those who don’t get an invitation, you need to wait until the project comes out of its initial phase as ICICI is planning to launch the credit card for all non-ICICI customer.


For millennials, the key factor to choose Amazon Pay credit card is no-application fee and other charges that are mostly associated with other credit cards, making it less risky option to choose for as a beginner.




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