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Posted on: 18 September 2018 by Sarah Jay

New businesses are created every day. There are millions of offerings and services, and no matter what niche you are in

New businesses are created every day. There are millions of offerings and services, and no matter what niche you are in, there is always tough competition that you must be ready to face. Being a small business in an ocean of other similar services, some of them widely known, is not easy. You have to prove that you’re the best every day, otherwise you can end up losing it in the big game. Being a small business offering a mobile signal booster from UK, we have well been through every step on the way to being successful, and we are ready to share the tips that will serve as a free pass to the winners’ zone.


So, what do you have to do if you’re a small business that wants to win against competition?


1. Offer exceptional customer service


 Around 75% of customers state that customer service is the ultimate test that lets them determine whether a company is worth their while. No matter if you are in the products or services segment, you still have to rock it at meeting your customers’ expectations and solving all their issues. Customer support is about empathy and being willing to be helpful. So, remember that each and every client should be treated like royalty, and there shouldn’t be ignored emails or calls, fake promises, neglect or rudeness. That’s a ticket straight to failure, and you just don’t want to go down that path.


2. Admit mistakes and fix the resulting issues

Mistakes are inevitable for any business. And in the era of reviews and social media, customers can and will talk about them, so how you handle these situations is under the radar for all of your potential and present customers. Don’t be neglectful or rude so this negative feedback doesn’t spread like wildfire. Instead, alway accept that a mistake took place and offer a relevant solution. Remember to not go into blame-others zone, even if the issue arose by someone else’s fault. The truth is: customers don’t care if your driver was stuck in a traffic jam, or if your tech supplier skipped a day: they want what they want, so be there to ensure they get it.


3. Be honest about what your service/product is about

There is this natural desire to make your product sound like it’s the best one on the market. However, be precise when stating what your offering does and doesn’t cover, because customers will remember every word of it, and will be outraged if you then back up from your promises.

Never lie about any of your services or product features, be straightforward and sincere, even if you have to discuss product flaws.


4. Come up with something new

It’s clear that there might be a lot of businesses like yours around, but if your business doesn’t have a point to stand out, consider yourself doomed. People choose businesses that go an extra mile and bring in innovation. Spend some time coming up with creative ideas that will make people remember your business.


5. Offer a guarantee

I bet you’ve seen the “14 day money back. No questions asked” approach in a number of businesses. And this makes them look confident about their product. You know, we are sure that our offering is great, and we are ready to offer you all of your money back within 2 weeks if you don’t like it (since we are sure you will). Work hard until you are able to do the same with your product/service, since your guarantee makes people believe that they’ve found “the one”.


6. Listen in

There are many channels a business appears in: social media, mail, blog, and so on. And both actual and potential customers will often voice their desires regarding the development of your product, new features and opportunities. Just listen in, and make sure you take care of the most common requests. Knowing your customers well, and meeting their needs and requirements is a surefire way to end up successful.

7. Write a blog

If you know your customers, you probably know what issues they may have when using your product or service, so it is a good idea to answer these questions in advance. Imagine how satisfying this experience is for your target audience- getting answers before questions are asked. Besides, you get all the space you want to speak about product features, their advantages, tricks and tips.


Standing out is tough, but some extra effort and dedication will always do the trick. Remember the coolest brands that you love, single out what you love about them, and try to implement all the good on your own business. Be sure, the results won’t keep you waiting for long. Also, make sure to share your own success tips in the comments- since every experience is so unique!

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Sarah Jay

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Lucy Ainslie posted 28 September 2018

Those are amazing tips. Thank you very much for sharing. I started my own business, and now my writing service will be even more successful thanks to that my friend suggests me to check out the post right here. I'm so going to use all these tips. Will let you know if they worked for me.

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