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Posted on: 04 May 2020 by Sebastian Powell

Some curators don’t have enough time for all those emails, thus, they just pick those something that could attract their interests.


There is a big shift in the music industry as artists may become so popular by starting with a playlist at Spotify.  In the past, a beginner artists participates in gigs and musical shows until they become international star.  There are lots of exposures that is being done before the artists get himself at the peak of stardom.  But today, to become popular doesn’t have to do those things alone.  There are many subscribers and listeners of music at Spotify which could be reached by an artist conveniently without the need for shows and concerts.  Spotify Playlist Submission allows an artist’s music be heard by music lovers. 

Simple Guide for Spotify Playlist Submission

Yes, it may take time for a Spotify Playlist Submission to be approved, but it’s a better way to become popular than going to gigs and shows.  If you are one of those artists who want his music to be one in the playlist of Spotify, then this is your chance.  So, here’s a step by step instruction which is simplified so that everyone could have the chance to submit music to curators.

First, you have to make a list of curators.  You may use an Excel sheet to be able to organize your list of curators.  This will help you in tracking those who you have already reached and those who did not.  Such information would be valuable the next time you release a song.

Second, send an email to each of the curators.  Here’s what: curators have received thousands of emails and CDs in mail from musicians who want them to listen their music.  Some curators don’t have enough time for all those emails, thus, they just pick those something that could attract their interests.  So make sure that your email is interesting enough.  There are many sample emails in the internet which you can use as bases. 

Third, make a follow-up.  This may sound annoying to some but you have to do it.  some curators are so busy with other tasks that they tend to mislook some of the emails.  Don’t hesitate to check and make a follow-up email to the curators.

Now, keep a list of curators who replied to your emails and take note all those who did not.  Stay in contact with those who replied to you and make sure that you complied to some instructions. 

So, there you have it! you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to promote your music.  You just need a good plan, research and read lots of guides that you can find on the web for free!  And of course, perseverance and patience are some of the attitudes that you need to act in order for you to be successful at Spotify Playlist Submission.

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Lisette Schuppe posted 19 August 2020

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