Great Tips When Travelling from Barcelona Airport To The City


Posted on: 06 November 2017 by Nancy Ahuja

Are you planning a trip to places like Girona, Catalonia or Costa Brava? Well, the chances are high that you will pass through Barcelona Airport.

This airport offers excellent connections to Spain and other European nations. Barcelona city is a fantastic travel destination on its own and offers a great time on your vacation. It’s important that you have some ideas on the best way to get around from the airport. This article has great tips when travelling from Barcelona Airport to the city.

Here’s the catch

Just like with any other large European airport, Barcelona Airport has a great transportation network connecting the airport with nearby towns. This airport is found some 14 kilometers away from Barcelona city. So, you need adequate time for the journey. It’s why a few suggestions on how to get to and from the airport to Barcelona city before your arrival will come handy.

Options available

There are various options to travel to and from Barcelona Airport to the city centre. There’s a train RENFE connecting Terminal 2b to the city. However, arrival at Terminal 1 requires taking an additional shuttle to get to Terminal 2. The cost for taking this shuttle plus the needed extra time means the train is not such a great option in our guide. Let’s look at a few options below.

Barcelona airport taxi transfers

This is booked before your flight to Barcelona, and you will find your driver waiting upon your arrival at the airport. A Barcelona airport taxis service offers door to door services including private taxi services at fixed prices. It has several advantages including assurance that your driver is waiting on your arrival since the company does flight monitoring, free cancellation and guarantee of professional service. These agencies have a fleet to cater for all your travel needs even when you have travelled in a large company.

Using a taxi

There are several taxis you can flag down to take you to your destination from Barcelona Airport. These are managed by Institut Metropolitana del Taxi and are easily spotted by their black and yellow livery. These require no booking, but you just spot one as it passes by. Further, you have to pay an extra charge if you have oversized bags or a lot of luggage. With a taxi, you must allow about 30 to 40 minutes for your journey depending on traffic.

Bus service

There are various buses offering transportation from Barcelona Airport. These include the Aerobus and the Public bus Number 46.

Aerobus- it’s an express bus service providing transport to selected locations in Barcelona to the airport. These buses usually leave every 5 to 10 minutes. Tickets to board these buses are purchases directly from the drivers on boarding the buses. A journey in these buses takes about 45 minutes.

Public bus Number 46 – this is the most economical option though not recommended if you have a lot of luggage. The fare for using this bus is cheap, and the journey takes about 45 to 50 minutes. You can save more to use this bus if you purchase a Barcelona Card for your trip of or to the airport.

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