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Posted on: 03 December 2018 by Aaron Hammer

Decoring is a great way to brighten up your home and express your creativity. When living in the same furnishings for several years, one usually has a desire to change something.

Decoring is a great way to brighten up your home and express your creativity. When living in the same furnishings for several years, one usually has a desire to change something. While carrying out an overhaul or even smaller renovations demands a lot of time and money, decorating requires only a certain amount of equipment and a day of your weekend.

By implementing some easy and inexpensive decor ideas, you can change the appearance of your home, bringing freshness and comfort. However, the best part is that you will be able to express your creativity and later get a sense of achievement.

To make it easier, we will look at how you can brighten up your home room by room.


This room is much more than a place for cooking. You spend a lot of time here and before making any changes, look around and consider what exactly needs to be decorated. Usually, the lower part of the kitchen walls gets greasy pretty quickly. To eliminate the unpleasant stains you can simply paint half of the walls. This will make the space fresh and stylish. Another idea is to add some colour to the open shelves. This will relieve the monotony of the kitchen.

Living room

There’s plenty of room to experiment here. The built-ins are our first target. Refresh them by painting their inside a bold colour of your choice. When it comes to the upholstered furniture, you have two options. Either to reupholster it or to use a slipcover. The second option is linked with less efforts and easier maintenance.

When the slipcovers are filthy, you only need to bring them to the dry cleaning. While we are on a cleaning wave, let me give you another helpful advice. Bring all sofas and armchairs away from the walls and closer to the centre of the room. In this way, the living room becomes cosier and you can easily hoover and mop around and under the furniture are saying from Cleaning Acton.


Maybe you don’t know but how you feel the first twenty minutes after waking up defines your mood for the whole day. It is never a bad idea to brighten up the bedroom. Start with the boring one-coloured window shades.

Place a cheerful wallpaper or colour folio. Replace the old drawer handles with decorative ones and hook up a headboard above the bed. It is advisable to implement these changes using one range of colours. This will create a stylish bedroom interior.


Another important area of our home. Everyone likes sinking in the tube on a cold or rainy day. Lend colour to the mirror by wallpapering it in a bright colour with blue patterns. If you want to go even further, change the colour of the floor tiles.

Use an oil-based primer and top it with satin latex blue paint. A blue vintage life ring will be the last detail. Hang it on the wall and simply wash from time to time in order to remove dust.

As you see it doesn’t costs tremendous efforts to boost the appearance of your living space. Just make a tour around the house with a pen and paper, marking the areas, which require some sort of decorating.

After that, supply yourself with the necessary materials and get to work. When you finish, your home will have a brand new look and this will make you really happy. With less efforts you will actually achieve lasting results. Your home is now expressing your individualism, which will be noticed by every guest.

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James Ross posted 06 December 2018

This is really amazing to read. Thanks for sharing the post.


Olivia Miller posted 06 December 2018

Nice ideas. Thank you, Aaron for the article!

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