Four Things to Consider When Browsing for Medical Alert Systems


Posted on: 17 September 2018 by Andrew Allen

Four Things to Consider When Browsing for Medical Alert Systems

Is this your first time buying a medical alert system? 

Be warned, you might find this task challenging and confusing. Know that the medical alert system industry is incessantly growing each year, where more and more medical alert system company is joining the industry. However, not all of these companies could reach your expectations and deliver the best services. 

For this reason, experts in caregiving and medical care industry recommend to find life alert information from the most trusted sources and educate yourself about this technology. Inasmuch, you have to be wise in choosing a medical alert system provider to trust. With this, you can avoid regretting your decision or put your money to waste. 
As a guide in searching for the best medical alert system for your needs; check out these helpful hints

Mind your Location

Your location has a huge impact on how the medical alert system will work. Medical alert systems rely on the network they use. Hence, networks with poor coverage in your area mean the medical alert system might not function well enough. The top three medical alert system company namely, Bay Alarm Medical, LifeStation and MobileHelp use AT&T network. If this network has a poor coverage in your area, you must consider other options that are preferable to your circumstances. 

Determine your Needs

There are different kinds of medical alert devices. You can choose from in-home devices, mobile GPS life alerts, automatic fall detection device and in-car life alerts. Notice that each of these life alert devices is ideal for certain situations. For instance, mobile GPS life alerts are perfect for seniors with an active lifestyle. If you go on travels frequently, you might want to consider investing an in-car life alert. The key to choosing a medical alert device is asking yourself whether you need such a feature or not. 

Long-term vs. Short term Contract

When you invest in a medical alert device, an agent might ask whether to use a long-term contract or a short one. However, not all medical alert providers ask their client these questions since they only offer a single contract whether it is a long-term or a short term. Among this two types of contract, it is ideal to choose a short-term deal. With this, you don’t have to pay for the medical alert system if you longer need it. Moreover, it is extremely convenient if you find the services of the medical alert system provider not to your liking. 

Aside from the contract, check out if the company offers a return and refund policy. Consider choosing a service provider with a money back guarantee. Also, do not forget to view the shipping terms of the company. 

Reasonable Pricing

The prices of medical alert systems vary from $19.95 to $50. The pricing depends on the services and devices included in the deal. If you are on a budget, consider choosing bundle deals to experience better services with lower cost. You may view website here to learn the pricing of the leading medical alert providers this year. 


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