Five Questions to Answer before Buying a Fleshlight


Posted on: 16 June 2020 by Sharla Starck

Five Questions to Answer before Buying a Fleshlight

Are you new to fleshlights? 

Searching for the best fleshlight is not easy for a beginner. Take note that there is a myriad of fleshlights in the market, wherein each one has differences. Likewise, the conflicting advice of many online sources makes it harder to decide on a certain product. 

No doubt, you have questions in mind about this adult toy. To help you find the perfect fleshlight that will satisfy your desires, below are the common questions beginners ask when buying fleshlights, along with their answers to provide you useful information.

#1 What Type of Material the Fleshlight Made Of? 

Remember that some materials used in making fleshlight can cause allergic reactions. Thus, you have to be more careful in choosing a fleshlight. The device must come from safe and non-toxic materials. Likewise, the product’s material must be comfortable to the skin and does not encourage irritation and rashes. Also, avoid any adult toys with high lead content, Phthalate, and BPA. These substances are harmful to health.

#2 What type of Design Do You Prefer? 

Fleshlight comes in a wide variety of designs and styles. 

Some have a see-through case, whereas others feature unique designs. 

When talking about design, it is best to choose fleshlights that look attractive, sexy, and appealing for you and your partner. In this manner, you won’t get awkward when using the device. Also, consider discreet fleshlight if you want to bring one while on travel.

#3 What is the Suction Power of the Device? 

Fleshlights have varying suction power. Most expensive fleshlights have a great suction performance with additional stimulation inside the device such as beads and spirals that imitates tongue rolling. 

Consider your experience and girth to determine the perfect suction power. If you are a beginner, choose one with a good grip and suitable for your girth. Meanwhile, experienced users who want to get adventurous can try tight-sucking masturbators for intense orgasms and sensation.

#4 What is your Budget? 

The price range of fleshlight ranges from $25 to $70; if you are looking for an affordable fleshlight, you can look for the best bang for your buck here at Cyber Dear. Though these options are cheap, you can still enjoy using these devices. 

If you have a bigger budget, see the most expensive fleshlights in the market through Cyber Dear for example. Usually, expensive fleshlights came from well-known brands and has additional features that provide intense sensations to users.

#5 Does the Fleshlight have Good Reviews? 

Customer reviews always matter. By reading these reviews, you will know which option is better. And you can never go wrong by choosing a fleshlight with a great reputation and reviews from buyers. 

Also, you can consult reliable online sources to get more info on the top-seller fleshlights. Online sources like this often provide advice and comparisons to help you figure out which device to choose. 


A buyer must consider these factors to assure a good purchase. When it comes to fleshlights, you have to take note of the product’s material, design, suction power, and price. And it won’t hurt to ask help from reliable product review sources for this matter. 


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