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Posted on: 19 November 2019 by Kelly Wilson

Before you plan to get hands-on a personal loan, it is important to compare the best personal loans for bad credit, good credit, home improvement, and debt consolidation. Be sure to check the interest rates, which should generally range between 6% and 36%.

Before you plan to get hands on a personal loan, it is important to compare the best personal loans for bad credit, good credit, home improvement and debt consolidation. Be sure to check the interest rates, which should generally range between 6% and 36%. You must also try to pore-qualify for the loans from various lenders.

The best possible personal loans can always help you to reach in a proper financial goal. It can be for paying off debt or just funding out one large expense. The loan with the lowest possible annual percentage rate is always the least expensive one, and mostly the best choice.  But, there are some other features allotted to it as well and those are soft credit checks, no fees, and whether the lenders can directly pay creditors if you are actually consolidating debt. They might sometimes set some loans apart. You might have to spend quite some hours while reviewing various companies offering personal loans, just to find one with best features and online rates. If you check out, it is highly requested to know the credit score first and then get to compare loans from so many lenders, before you make one decision.

Go for the picks now:

There are some personal loans available which are designed for accounts with good to excellent credit history. It means these personal loans are determined for those accounts with credit score of 690 and above. The names mentioned below are the best ones in this market with low rates and typically with no fees.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs:

Here, you need a minimum credit score of 660 with est. APR of 6.99 to 28.99%. The loan amount will be from $3500 to $40,000. These loans will always stand out in the crowd for their lower rates and free from fees. Here, you have flexible loan terms and even some payment options.

  • The best thing about this loan option is that it directly pays the credits for some of the debt consolidation loans.
  • But for this loan, you need good credit and without any co-sign option.
  • For qualifying for this loan, you need to be at least 18 years of age. If you reside in Alabama, then you have to be 19 years and 21 years if residing in Puerto Rico and Mississippi.
  • You should at least have one valid USA bank account, tax ID or the social security number. The available term lengths will be for 3 to 6 years.

LightStream is here for you:

The minimum credit score is going to be 660 of this source and the EST. APR will be within 5.49% to 17.29%. The loan amount is within $5000 to $100,000. This company is here to target some of the stronger credit borrowers without any fees and at low rates, which will vary, depending on the loan purpose.

  • Under the pros, you can enjoy the personal loans without any fees. There will be co-signing option and with some of the lower starting rates.
  • Just like pros, there will be some cons too. It will not offer pre-qualification once you visit its website. This will require multiple years of your credit history.
  • The minimum credit score has already been mentioned but the minimum income has not been specified. Moreover, the maximum debt to income ratio is subject to vary based on the loan purpose.
  • The available length term is for 2 to 7 years and the origination fee will be none. There is no late fee as well, which will form in this matter.

SoFi personal loan for you:

Another interesting name when it comes to personal loan has to be SoFi personal loan. It is one strong option for all the good credit consumers with lower rates and no fees. Most importantly, this plan has a flexible payment schedule.

  • The minimum credit score here is going to be 680 and with est. APR being 5.99% to 17.67%.  The loan amount will be from $5000 to $100,000.
  • This firm is here to offer lower fixed and variation rates and with flexible payment options. It will offer its members some good perks.
  • In terms of cons, this source is in need of stronger income and credit requirements. It might take around 7 days to fund the amount to your account. So, it is not always a suitable option to go for in case of high end emergencies.
  • The minimum credit score is 680, but typically it is always looking for the ones with 700 score or higher than that. The minimum annual income will be none and the borrowers’ average is over $100,000.
  • The available term length is from 2 to 7 years and there will be no origination fee and late fee included in the list, which are some of the plus points.

Laurel road personal loan is yet another option:

With a minimum credit score requirement of 660, the Laurel road personal loan has an est. APR of 8.01% to 16.30%. The loan amount will be from $1000 to $45,000. It is one good credit lender, which will stand out for its no origination fee and a competitive discount on its packages for the crowd.

  • It has the co-sign option so that two people get the chance to repay the loan when the right time comes, in case one or major name fails to do so. It has auto pay discount as another important feature to consider now.
  • Now under cons, this source will charge you late fees. So, if you cannot repay the personal loan on time, be prepared to spend some extra bucks as penalties for that. Another bad thing about this package is that it lacks flexible payment options like others.
  • The minimum income has not been specified yet and the debt to income ratio has not been disclosed by the company. The available term length is from 3 to 5 years.

Go through all the options first, and then based on your credit history, you can choose whichever one you want.


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