Finding Dual Purpose Furniture for a Dining Room


Posted on: 25 June 2016 by diana lewis

If you live in a small sized home or apartment, wall art is not a major concern: Whether you choose tropical metal art or butterfly metal wall decor, there is always wall space to accommodate your choice. However, you are undoubtedly always on the lookout for ways to make more efficient use of the space you have.

One way to maximize on existing space in your home is to have your furnishings serve double duty purposes. By including double duty furnishings in your dining room, you maximizing your existing space; dual purpose furniture can also keep your room organized and free of clutter.
Small Family, Big Dinner Party 
While you may love to entertain, your requirements for an every day dining table may only need to seat four. Having a table that seats twelve or sixteen set up in your dining room all of the time simply makes the room feel constantly crowded. So a really good furniture option is to find a table that has leaf sections that can be removed and added back in for entertaining. This type of table can be adjusted to several different sizes from an intimate gathering of four to a formal dinner party of twelve and even larger if you choose. The great thing about an expandable dining table is that you can enjoy the feeling of open space in your dining room as you go about your day to day business, and you can quite comfortably entertain when the spirit moves you.
Reusing a Dresser 
Another great space saving dining sets for small spaces is a chest of drawers. The top makes an extremely handy serving or buffet area, and you can store all kinds of things in the drawers below. Since all of your storage is hidden, it is easy to keep a nice, uniform appearance while conveniently storing all of your linen and utensils.
Shelves for Sideboards 
Instead of simply having a sideboard table, try using a low bookcase for this function. Now you have the convenience of a sideboard, and it comes with storage space below. You can display your fine china, favorite serving pieces or baskets filled with linen. Whether you use the shelving for display or storage, it is a great way to add extra dimension to an otherwise small dining area. If you do decide to use your shelving for storage, select a series of blending or matching bins, boxes or baskets to add an organized, uniform appearance to your shelves, and then you can have everything that you need for dining close at hand. You can use the top of the bookshelf as a sideboard, or you can use it simply to display something like a basket of fruit or a beautiful candle arrangement.
The Classic Storage Bench 
One way to add extra seating and storage to your dining area is to use a storage bench. Not only does it keep extra seating right at your fingertips, but it is a great place to store tablecloths, serving trays, holiday decorations or other items that you use in your dining area. Sometimes it is hard to find a place to store your large sized serving platters, and a storage bench is the perfect solution. Your serving platters are close by and neatly out of sight until you need them.
You need to consider your family's needs and lifestyle when choosing a dining room set. Do you have large family gathering that would require a large dining room table? Or do you have small intimate dinners where a smaller table would be better? What type of lifestyle do you enjoy? Is your house formal or casual? Do you have small children, no children or are your children grown? Also consider any changes you will be making in the next several years. Will you be adding to your family? Will you be gaining some grandchildren? You need to consider all of these questions before deciding on a dining room table.

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