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Posted on: 10 November 2017 by Anton Werke

Becoming a man doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know anything about fashion tips for men. In fact, men have their ways to be fashionable too.

Becoming a man doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know anything about fashion tips for men. It is true that when we hear about fashion, the first thing that usually comes to our minds is a woman’s thing. In fact, men have their ways to be fashionable too. In this case, the rules are usually not too different from those of women’s but still, there are significant differences between fashions for men and women. The same things between fashions for men and women are that both of them tend to show their body shapes to be fashionable, and they always try to be as aromatic as possible. They also try to look as clean as possible, even though at some points men that are a bit “dirty” look more muscular and attractive for some women while most men don’t like women with a dirty look. Then, what are the differences between fashions for men and women? Let’s find out about that while we also talk about some fashion tips for men.

Most men think that women with relatively tight clothes are sexy and attractive. It may be the same with men, but it is not as much as that of women. As for men, most women may like men who wear relatively tight clothes, but it depends on how muscular the men are. If those men are not that muscular or even fat, then they should never wear tight clothes. Tight clothes will only make fat or slim men look like clowns. So, the first thing about fashion tips for men is never to wear tight clothes if your body is not that muscular.


Second. If you want to look more fashionable, you have to have a good match of upper clothes and pants. If you want to wear loose t-shirt and pants like some rappers, then you must wear both loose t-shirt and loose pants. You will look like a clown if you wear a loose t-shirt with skinny pants or jeans. On the contrary, if you want to wear skinny pants or jeans, then you have to wear relatively tight t-shirt or shirt. That way, you may look more tidy and fresh. Of course, when it comes to choosing your apparel, it is a must to make the choice based on the occasion you are going to attend. If you want to go to a formal event such as a seminar or party, then a set of relatively tight shirt and skinny pants with formal shoes may do the role. However, if you want to hang out with your friends, navy midshipmen hats or el paso chihuahuas hat, a casual t-shirt and skinny jeans with sneakers can be the best choice, except if you and your friends are fans of rap music.

The third thing about fashion tips for men is about your hairstyle. Just like women, men will look more attractive if they have a good hairstyle. This is why their friends usually mock men with a ridiculous hairstyle. On the contrary, men with good hairstyle can be saved even if they wear wrong pairs of costume. In this case, the most common choice of hairstyle is short and tidy hair, such as spiky hair or army-styled hair. It will also not hurt to have long hair for men, especially for artists. However, it is not the most common hair that is liked by most women. So, except if the one whom you want to attract likes men with long hair, then don’t try to grow your hair that much.


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