Face Recognition App- How to utilize iOS platform to make it real?


Posted on: 24 May 2019 by Dinesh Dhiman

With the prowess of AR and smartphones’ increasing capacity, it is now possible to offer a Face Recognition application as well. You can easily bring it in your digital brands’ lifespan to enhance UX as well as revenues.

For any kind of business or industry, AR (Augmented Reality) is quickly becoming a game changer. It is profoundly enhancing users’ engagement for your brand.

This technology is allowing us to explore and implement new dimensions of digital world, especially the mobile platform.

Many of us have often heard about face lock on smartphones. Undoubtedly, it is an advanced offering to the end users while increasing the chances of safety for them.

What is a Face Recognition App and How does it work?

As the name suggests, it is an application that recognizes a users’ face and emotional responses in a real-time environment to initialize itself.

Though the concept of face recognition is not new to us, still it foresees a myriad of new opportunities in the near future.

How to utilize it in your iOS Application?

iOS is a mobile platform that holds a considerable portion of customer base in the current time with an upward slope. In case you wish to build a Face Recognition App while exploiting iOS SDK, let me remind you that it is not at all an easy task to achieve on your own.

It is always advisable to consult any iOS development company as they would offer you a team of experts who can take you through different hurdles of process involved.

Though you can not achieve it without technical expertise, still I will discuss a few tips later to make you understand the process of design and development.

Prior, let’s try to find out answers to some basic questions like,

Why do I need to opt for this technology? How can I benefit my target audience?

These are some common questions that come in our mind while reading about any kind of new invention and technological advancements. And, it is really appreciable to have such mindset as it allows you to explore more.

I will answer these questions with suitable examples below:-

First, let’s discuss Amazon’s “Image Analysis for User Authentication” invention. It is an initiative to apply security authentication method at users’ end. It works while analyzing users’ facial expressions.

For instance, you need to smile or wink in front of your mobile camera while authenticating yourself.

Here, security is the feature that you are providing to end users.

Second, Sephora brought in its live 3D facial recognition app in the form of a virtual makeup artist. In this app, people can scan their faces and then try on different cosmetics to see the after use effects.

Here, this feature allows the brands to shorten the gap between their virtual products and end users. If you are into retail industry, you can cut down on the product returns/refund as users can try your products.

Now, let’s come back to the design and the development process involved as mentioned earlier in the article.

To start with, we need a technology that can detect faces and communicate the essentials to the back-end of your app. You can accomplish this task by using Vision Framework. It is a framework offered by iOS 11.0+ to perform a variety of tasks including face detection, image registration, and other general features of tracking.

Application Back-end: Flask, a microframework for Python used for web development and Turi Create, allow you to simplify development process of CoreML models.

Afterward, you need to deploy the code to the chosen cloud platform. Further, the app design implementations and other coding phases will take place.

NOTE- The illustrations mentioned in this writing are completely a work of personal research and I don’t intend to promote any tool or application.


Mobile prowess is irresistible nowadays. You may involve in any kind of business segment but it has become obligatory to offer a mobile app.

More than half of the consumers prefer their smartphones to explore on internet. iOS devices showed up as a luxury item to carry at its initial market phase. However, it is also becoming common amongst users with every passing year.

Therefore, if you wish to capture a sound user segment in the current time, the iOS platform is a good option to start with. Talking about Face Recognition Applications, it is a profound aspect so you need to think about it carefully.

In this article, I have tried to come up with the best of this AR revolution in your business. I am being hopeful that you like the same and find it useful in future endeavors.

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