Enjoying a Luxury Galapagos Cruise


Posted on: 28 July 2017 by Celeste McConnel

I cruised the Galapagos Islands with a luxury tour group. Enjoy my tips to the perfect Galapagos cruise tours.

Galápagos Islands Paradise Detailed by Me


The Galápagos Islands offer breathtaking scenery and an ecosystem that can only be described as extraordinary. With this in mind, the best way to experience them is on a cruise. To combine this incredible natural topography with the luxury of a cruise is a rare opportunity indeed. I is the star of her own show and it is called "The Blonde Abroad". These are her findings as she recently told them on her blog.

She set sail, so to speak, with a company that is dialed into sustainability. Cruise Ship Tours is a leader in sustainable travel and features a staff with a strong knowledge base. The new vessel used in this endeavor is called the MV Origin and it provides the perfect backdrop for basking in the natural beauty of the Galápagos.

With her considerable knowledge of food, Kirsten can heartily endorse the cuisine served aboard the ship. Expert chefs crafted locally sourced ingredients into tempting concoctions that pleasured one's culinary senses. The bar featured locally crafted beers as well as favorite cocktails and wines. Breakfast and lunch were buffet bonanzas and dinner was an extravagant four-course meal. They offered multiple dishes so everyone could enjoy fine dining.

I, our intrepid traveler, compares the accommodations to a five-star hotel which is high praise indeed. The rooms were cleaned twice a day and turn down service is provided for a luxurious experience like few others. Apple TVs are featured in the rooms and contain a fine selection of music and movies for all tastes.

The ship contains a library in which passengers can peruse the rich history of the islands and its incredibly diverse ecosystem. It also contains a gym so passengers can catch some exercise and maintain their fitness regimen. A Jacuzzi is a great way to unwind after a workout and the gym offers one. Another wonderful fact is the ship operates around the clock to accommodate everyone's schedule.

Cruising the Galápagos Islands with Cruise Ship Tours doesn't only involve sitting around enjoying spectacular views and gourmet food as I discovered. The ship provides an array of outdoor recreational equipment such as kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling gear. She had the experience of a lifetime when she snorkeled with sea lions and sea turtles among other creatures. Cruise Ship Tours also offers excursions in small boats so everyone can enjoy discovering the amazing wildlife.

The mix of activities offered by Cruise Ship Tours was just right as they offered a nice blend of active outings combined with downtime. Activities were offered at regular intervals and the time on the islands was maximized. The day would often begin with a ride to the islands for a nature hike and an opportunity to experience the incredible wildlife. There was also an option each day to enjoy a water activity.

Cruise Ship Tours is able to create customized tours due to the abundance of wildlife and the breadth of terrain. I marveled at the amazing variety of wildlife and was thrilled to see new things every day. Genovesa island has an impressive amount of bird species, while Isla Fernandina was rife with marine iguanas. Rábida Island stood out for its red, sandy beach and is fantastic to see in person.

The wildlife was an absolute treasure and was considered the highlight of the whole experience. The sight of marine turtles, giant tortoises, and interesting birds like the boobie and frigate provide an unparalleled opportunity to witness nature. With many unique species found only in the Galápagos, it is a destination unlike any other. Some of the wildlife displayed an interesting curiosity regarding the humans they encountered. Penguins, sea lions, and some others ventured in for a closer look which is very unusual.

The highly trained and knowledgeable conservationists on board the luxury Galapagos cruise provided a depth of knowledge which made the whole experience unforgettable. The incredible learning that they articulated transformed the venture into something truly special. This type of an opportunity comes along at the rarest of intervals.

The end of the day was a wonderful opportunity to unwind and connect with other passengers and crew members. Snacks, a relaxing cocktail or a glass of wine was enjoyed by many on the upper deck. It was a fitting way to end an adventure filled day.


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