Does Your Hair Look as Young as You Feel?


Posted on: 24 April 2018 by Becky Derbs

Is your hair keeping up with your busy lifestyle or is it bringing you down? Read these types for updating your hair and keeping your hair health-looking.

We are far more than how we look. At the same time, we all know that our appearance can have an enormous impact on how others perceive us and how we see ourselves. Popular culture makes this worse, focusing on teenaged models and “anti-aging” treatments. The truth is, people can look great at any age, it is just important to avoid these common mistakes.

Many parts of us change as we grow older. Don’t ignore it, learn to make the most of what you have. While the changes in men’s hair gets a lot of attention, both men and women can experience similar issues. Hair can thin, bold spots form, and/or hairlines recede. Fortunately, there are many easy options now available. For men, super short hair and shaved heads are in style thanks to celebrities like Bruce Willis. That look hasn’t quite caught on with most women and many men feel like the bald look doesn’t suit them. For men, there are now toupees that look like stylish, modern short hairstyles. New construction technologies allow a range of different natural-looking styles, a far cry from the toupees of the past.

For women, there are plenty of ways to feel confident, even after experiencing thinning hair. For example, Natural Image wigs can now offer a range of hairstyles or hair that can be styled at home using heat styling tools. Specially designed hairpieces can be used to cover areas of visible scalp on the top of the head or add volume throughout your head. This variety of options has been a huge relief for many people who have been concerned about the fullness of their hair.

Sticking to Old Routines
You’ve aged and so has your hair. This can make it more delicate and prone to damage from blow dryers or other heat styling tools. Now could be the time to re-evaluate how you’re treating your hair. It could be time to avoid or minimize your use of harsh styling products or hair dyes. Pay attention if your hair is developing more split ends or is losing its shine.

Forgetting to Moisturize
You’ve probably had to add more moisturizing to your skincare routine over the years. Don’t forget that your scalp is skin, too. Caring for your scalp is important in order to avoid developing dandruff. A overly dry or unhealthy scalp can also lead to problems with your hair health and a loss of hair volume.

Sticking with Your Usual Style
Once we find a hairstyle we love, we often stick with it. That may be particularly likely if we’ve had the same stylist for a long period. Unfortunately, that favourite style can now be making us look dated or older. Fashions come and go and that particular hairstyle may no accurately reflect your vibrant personality. Talk to your stylish or check online for websites that allow you to use a picture of yourself to see what you would look like in different hairstyles. This can make you more confident about trying a new style before you make the change.

Discoloured Hair Colour
Trends in hair colour change. If you’ve been dying your hair, it could be time to adjust the shade. Be aware that hair dye looks different on grey hair so you might no longer be getting the colour you want. If your hair is your natural colour, take a look at how that colour appears. Hair can look dingy if it accumulates chemicals from your shower or hair care products. People who go swimming even face the risk of having algae in their hair. Algae can be particularly evident when it is on blond or grey hair.

Keep in mind that as you age your skin tone can change as well. That can make a hair colour you used to love begin to look too harsh or cause your skin tone to look washed out. Take all this into consideration to keep your hair looking its best.

Remember, healthy hair makes you look better. Meanwhile, experimenting with your hair colour and style can help to give you a fresh perspective. 

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