Diary of an Old Gym Bunny 1


Posted on: 14 June 2011 by Diane Priestley

I have joined the gym and I'm jumping out of my skin. Share in my amusing experiences as an enthusiastic novice!

This Old Bunny is a New Convert! I finally did it! I joined the gym! And that in itself is an achievement I’m chuffed about. 

I first toured the luxurious Esporta gym in Chiswick Park back in 2008 when we were living in London temporarily so couldn’t sign on the dotted line. Since moving here from Australia in July 2009 we are so settled that I am now ready for the next level of solid entrenchment!

Handsome young Jack arranged a free trial pass for me this afternoon and I swam in the pristine pool, was pummelled in a good way in the Jacuzzi, sweated in the steam room and sauna (which reminded me of being back home in the Tropics). 

Then I endured a strenuous yoga class that confirmed my poor neglected body is in definite need of a stretch and much more. And if I needed any more convincing I got to view my bulging belly up close in motion in the mirror. Yikes! Now that’s scary.

Sadly I confess that the results of my 28 Day Detox last year did not last. The extra padding has mysteriously returned. I suspect that wild pub crawl of Ireland and then the visit home to the Sunshine Coast catching up with friends over pasta and cake and cappuccino might have something to do with it. 

But today is a new beginning and it is summer and when the sun is cheerfully shining all things are possible! I’m full of excited resolutions such as going to the gym for three-hour stints in the evening (instead of devouring massive meals in front of the telie!) And wandering home at 10 pm when it’s still light! 

Yes I am embracing new habits, indeed a new lifestyle. I am committing to this regime for one year of my life. Who knows I might become addicted to feeling fit and strong, slim and full of vitality. This old bunny is hopping into the gym scene eager to discover a Brave New World and muscles I didn’t know I had. 

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