Diary of a Gym Bunny 5


Posted on: 28 June 2011 by Diane Priestley

The machines are becoming my friends and husband Andrew discovers the gym too

I am on my own with THEM. My dad was a maintenance engineer and loved machines. But I am scared and confused by them.

I want to reach a point where working out is not about managing metal contraptions, rather being tuned in to the inner workings of my own body.

So I get started with a warm up and discover how you can watch the Big TVs and listen through earplugs while pedalling on the bike. Very cool! Except for the explicit music video with a sleazy old bald white rapper trying to convince a pretty young woman to go home with him. I’d rather watch the news! 

I tackle the weight machines and realise the pull down thingy is the hardest because my arms are so weak. I’m determined to stick with this machine every week and build some biceps.

The previous week, when I glanced across at a super-fit athlete running on the treadmill and made a lame joke about myself, Maddy gave me some sound advice: Never compare yourself to anyone else in the gym. Focus on your own personal goals and improvements. I will remember that.

By the end of my first session on my own I’m already less intimidated by the machines. They really aren’t that scary after all. They are quite easy to operate.

That was Friday afternoon and by Monday London was struck by a sudden heat wave and it was this sweltering day of all days we decide to go out and buy a car! 

Hallelujah! After two years of braving the Tube and buses in London, finally we have wheels! We bought an emerald green Honda Accord with all the extras at a bargain price, ideal from scooting around the neighbourhood and weekend trips away. 

To celebrate our new freedom, I use one of my guest passes to introduce my husband Andrew to the gym and a refreshing swim in the pool and soak in the Jacuzzi. He enjoys it and I am hoping he will also become a new convert. 

Two flabby gym bunnies in their 50s shaping up together. Now that will be a sight for sore eyes!  

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Alexander Hay posted 13 July 2011

"The machines are becoming my friends..."

Best opening line to a sci-fi novel ever.

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