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Posted on: 26 January 2017 by Tony Cook

Delaware Criminal records are now more easily accessible than ever; Thanks to the Internet.

Delaware Criminal records are now more easily accessible than ever thanks to the Internet. It is important to remember that all databases are not created equal and in fact you may even be required to pay for certain information, only to find the information is in fact not what you were seeking or not accurate at all. While some records can be sealed and never made public, the majority of records are readily available as long as someone knows your full name and a few other pieces of information. Law enforcement on all levels, have a responsibility to maintain criminal records and the accuracy of these records, all states vary from the way in which this information is reported between counties. On all levels, juveniles are never to be made public. Many adults are also not aware that they can have their criminal records expunged after a disclosed amount of time. Delaware arrest records also have to be maintained, but as with other states, this state has certain ways to handle things. In delaware all the arrest records is handled by Department of corrections. DOC manages all the jails and prisons in the state.


Delaware Department of Correction

245 McKee Road

Dover, DE 19904

Phone: 302-739-5601

Information that is maintained through statewide repositories tend to be much more accurate,unfortunately, not all states maintain such information. So you are not sure if the information received from the statewide search is actually accurate. Delaware arrest records are maintained using the statewide repositories so anyone conducting a search on a potential employee or a couple seeking to adopt can feel confident knowing the information received was checked and double checked from county to county. The information maintained will be the most current information available.

Delaware arrest records information is obtained through Delaware Department of Corrections. After you have accessed their site, input the inmates name in the inmate location section, you will be automatically redirected to another search page, remember to be as specific as possible so that you do not return hundreds of individuals with similar information. If you have additional questions or having difficulty finding the necessary information, do not hesitate to contact the Delaware Department of Corrections search for further assistance. Ultimately, the Federal government maintains a very extensive database and acts as the central location for which different states report their information.

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