Decisions: how to invest your time in the most pointless and annoying way


Posted on: 17 March 2017 by Madison Madison

No doubt, decisions can become a deadly weapon.

Who not has lived it? You have to decide whether to go here or there, if such a person and leave the other in the lurch or do it the other way around please... And of course, we don't want to miss anything, we are aware that we have no way of knowing what is best or, sometimes, even we are afraid of the election which, in principle, we have already taken, and we continue to invest time and forces a decision.

No doubt, decisions can become a deadly weapon.

However, if we stop to analyze it, we can reach the following conclusion:

There are a few really important decisions. Very few for which may be worthwhile to invest time in more information (and none that worthwhile suffer once we decided).

In those few cases of great importance, may be worth a read analysis and comparative and talk with someone who has some experience (not to mention that the value of the testimony is null, if not used well. Think of how he decided to choose a job or another, or which University or hospital go: one or two friends tell us that it did well, and that we believe that it has more value than anything else).

Then, in the majority of cases, it is better to make decisions without more. They are decisions that don't matter, decision-making that is not worth investing much time.

In such cases, it may be better to choose the first thing that comes to mind, since the benefit you can get find a more studied decision is not consistent with the time that you would have to invest to achieve it.

In general, decides what they are looking for before you start to search. Sets the minimum requirements and the desired, decides how much are you willing to spend and I just.

Never, ever, you insist to know all possible variants before making a decision.

Usually, the first decision that fits, that is the best, you better.

So, if you're going to go out to eat, it does not need to compare the 40 nearest restaurants. Decide what type or types of food you crave and how much are you willing to spend. Of course, keep in mind your minimum how much hygiene, space, noise and other.

Then search for that until you find a restaurant that meets the minimum. Don't try to guess what restaurant is best according to how have designed you or how are the customers, even the number of clients you will provide the security you are looking for. Enter and test, so you'll know for the next if it is worth.


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