Dating Choices for Older Women and Their Pros and Cons


Posted on: 09 December 2017 by Queen Elaine

Older women can go with the more socially accepted choice of dating people within their own age group, or they can date outside the expectations.

When women enter the dating world, they have a number of choices at their disposal. They can go with the more socially accepted choice of dating people within their own age group, or they can date outside the expectations. Some women become cougars looking for a long-term relationship, while others just want a little fun.

Here’s a look at the dating choices for older women. It’s time to look at the pros and cons to find the one that suits your needs the most.

Dating Your Own Age Group

Of course, the most expected dating choice is dating someone within your own age group. This tends to be someone who is either the same age or up to five years either side of your age. So, if you’re in your 50s, you’ll date someone else in their 50s. Depending on where in your 50s, you may choose someone in their late 40s or early 60s.

Why is this the socially acceptable option? It’s because of expectations from the past. There is a view that you should take someone from your own age group to save someone from a younger age group for someone of their own age. One of the biggest benefits is that it’s expected. You won’t have to explain age differences to anybody or worry about people assuming the younger man is after all your money.

Another benefit is life experience. You can both come from the same stage of life, with children and grandchildren of your own. There are no questions about having more children if you don’t want and no fear of your biological clock ticking. You’re also both at the same maturity level.

However, the downside can be the excitement in life. Younger men tend to be more outgoing. You can find someone at a sexual age that’s more compatible with you, allowing more fun in the bedroom. Older women can feel younger at heart.

Becoming a Cougar

You may have heard the term “cougar dating.” This is when an older woman goes after men who are younger. Think of it as the opposite of sugar daddy dating. However, there is often a slight difference. Cougar dating doesn’t have the seedy expectations that someone is dating you for your money, although that may be the case.

With cougar dating, you have the benefit of dating younger men, who are more physically attractive and active. They can light a spark in the bedroom that you thought had disappeared. Younger men are more likely to want to travel the world, go out to the latest night club, and do other things that involve a lot of energy. You get the chance to feel young again.

The downside is the talk of children. Younger men may not be that interested in raising someone else’s children. Even if you have adult children, they may not like the idea of helping with your grandchildren. They want the fun and not the commitment. Of course, this can mean you get to have more fun in the bedroom and don’t have to commit to someone if that isn’t what you want.

Those that do want their own children, may eventually decide they want to find someone their own age. Or they may eventually find that they can’t deal with your health problems. Someone your own age is likely to already be at that same stage of life and may even have similar health problems as you.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the dating choices for older women. You just need to know what you want to gain from your potential partners.

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