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Posted on: 19 July 2018 by Dan Redd

Since most law abiding citizens may not notice the security guard at the mall, or the concierge security guard at the apartment complex they drive past on the way home from work each day, it might come as a shock to know that just a year ago many Dallas residents were pulling their hair out at the lack of security available to them. Why?

In July, just one year ago from now, residents were reporting multiple burglaries and car thefts in their area. And what’s more—there was no security present to do anything about it.

For various residents near Oak Lawn, attempted break-ins occurred one after another after another. While nothing came of them initially, the unease that spread out across the residents of the community was tangible and felt by all. It was only a few short weeks following these attempted burglaries that the real thing happened.

One resident interviewed at the time by NBC Dallas Fort Worth was a U.S. Army veteran with disabilities. The man, Michael Miller, stated that the criminals entered his home and stole his only means of transportation—his bicycle.

What’s more, Miller wasn’t the only victim at that time. There were multiple reports spreading out across communities resulting in over 2 dozen reported thefts and burglaries.

While there were ample warning signs posted on these targeted buildings, the thieves were undeterred by them and residents reported that burglaries were a continuing issue within the community.

Many residents called for better management from their apartment managers, and other stated that police presence was necessary. U.S. Army veteran, Miller, said that he’d “like to see more security” present in the area.

Many homes tend to have security notices and even cameras as a means of deterring crime. While security notices and cameras are ever-popular, a study by the Department of Homeland Security showed that cameras only deterred crime if people believed there to be someone watching at the other end—in other words, the power of a security camera rests in the perceived presence of a person.

It only goes to show that an residential building without appropriate security presence is an easy target for many criminals and thieves. So what happens if the presence of a person is not only felt through a camera, but seen in real-life—what happens when you add a security guard into the mix?

Put plainly, security guards bring with them an authoritative presence, a sense of safety for residents, and an unattractive hurdle that most thieves would prefer to avoid when other opportunities—like apartment complexes without security—are presented to them.

As an owner of a residential building, the safety of your tenants can have a huge impact on your overall business and allow you to respond effectively to the needs of your tenants while responding to the clear need for more security presence among apartment complexes in Dallas.

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