Cycling for Fitness and Weight Loss is for Everyone


Posted on: 19 November 2015 by Lindsay Edwards

Cycling is a great way for people, young and old to get fit and lose weight. Even if you are not 100% able bodied you can still enjoy riding a bike and using it as a way to get fit.

If you want to get fitter and lose weight fast, adding cycling to your fitness regime is a good idea. The great thing about cycling is that you do not have to be ultra fit to be able to get started. In fact, cycling is something that most people can do.

You do not have to be able bodied to ride a bike

Even if you are not 100% able bodied you can still enjoy riding a bike and using it as a way to get fit. In the past few years, bike designers have come up with all kinds of new ways to allow people with a range of movement and health issues to be able to ride.

For those who have balance issues, there are trikes or tandems. Recumbent bikes are good for those with joint issues because the low seat has a backrest, which supports and distributes the weight of your torso more evenly than traditional bikes do. Often, you can try out and rent these specialist bikes in local parks and nature reserves.

Many people find that once their fitness levels and confidence improves they do not need these specialist bikes. They become strong enough to begin to enjoy riding traditional bikes as well.

Cycling for good cardiovascular health

Riding a bike is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. When you ride, your heart and lungs get a good workout. If your cardiovascular health is poor, you can start slowly and build up how much you cycle as your heart and lungs become stronger.

Cycling for good mental health

Cycling is also very good for your circulation. Any exercise that gets your heart pumping pushes the blood through your system faster, which brings many benefits to your body. Studies show that improving your circulation improves brain health and could reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Cycling for weight loss

Getting on your bike is also a great way to boost weight loss. How much you weigh, the type of cycling you do and how fast you go all play a role in how many calories you will burn off. But, you will burn off a lot.

 For example, someone that weighs around 130Ibs can easily burn around 450 calories per hour by cycling at a moderate speed. The table on this site explains more about how cycling can help you with weight loss.

Getting started

If you are new to cycling starting slowly is a good idea. In most areas, you can find cycle clubs that are geared up (no pun intended) to help people to get started with cycling.

Many clubs now offer special classes for those who have mobility or health issues. They can lend you a bike or tell you where to hire one and get you access to those specialist bikes that we mentioned earlier to get you started with riding.

Once you are sure that cycling is for you buying your own bike and equipment is the next step. You will find everything you need at Radial Cycles online bike shop. They also sell a great range of safety equipment and accessories as well as everything you need to maintain your bike and keep it on the road.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to get fitter as you get older cycling is well worth considering. The sooner you get on your bike, the longer you will be able to enjoy this pastime. Plenty of people continue to cycle into their 80s, and you can too.


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