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Posted on: 27 November 2015 by Romeo Dem

Dalmatia is a narrow coastal region of Croatia off the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is a popular tourist destination due to its excellent Mediterranean climate, beautiful coves, islands, inlets, and secluded beaches. Over the past decade, the region has become a popular cruise destination especially with senior citizens because of the high-end facilities offered by major tour operators in the region.

Diving, sunbathing, Kayaking, and Yachting are some of the most popular outdoor activities because the rugged coastline and numerous islands make it a perfect location for these activities. The beautiful wooden islands, constant winds, and the warm Adriatic Sea complement the regions features of being a perfect holiday destination. 

Some of the features of Dalmatia that make it a perfect destination for senior citizens include the ones detailed below.

- All-inclusive cruising experience with explicit costs that are known well in advance

- Easy access to numerous locations without the need for multiple plane connections or without the need for regular packing and unpacking For instance you can cruise between Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Togir for seven days with only a few T-Shirts as the main set of clothes.

- Excellent Dalmatian cuisine with lots of fish and vegetables

- Numerous outdoor activities to choose from including shore excursions

- Safe cruising even when visiting some of the remotest islands, islets, and inlets along the Adriatic coast

- No formalities: you are free to dress as sporty as you want

- Flexible budgets: you are free to choose from low-end to some of the most luxurious tour packages available on the planet. offers some of the most attractive resorts and Rivieras across the Adriatic coast. In addition to the islands, the Kornati archipelago offers a prominent landscape and there are numerous national parks that visitors can enjoy visiting. Timeless medieval towns with baroque & Renaissance monuments, monasteries, marble fountains, and coastal boulevards also offer exciting scenery. During summer, there is a wide range of continental art, music that fills the theaters, amazing cuisine, and galleries that offer tourists who cruise Dalmatia a chance to not only explore Croatian culture, but also the culture of Eastern Europe as a whole. 

Dalmatia also offers a wide range of accommodation facilities suitable for any kind of visitor. For instance, tourists can choose from numerous resorts, hotels, and private accommodation facilities. Most of these facilities have specially trained staffs who understands the needs of senior citizens in order to make their experience memorable in an enjoyable way. The New York Times has described Dalmatian coast as resembling a Dalmatian dog’s back. The dots represent the numerous islands, which have a mysterious and intoxicating quality for all visitors. other reviews have been conducted on the Dalmatian coast. As the telegraph describes it, Dalmatia has been a beacon of hope for the Balkans for centuries. Not only is it a haven of tolerance, but it is also a city that stands for the best in terms of both stone and spirit: it is a work of art itself. Thus, if you are looking for a place to explore the world to the fullest, then you may consider visiting Dalmatia

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