Creating a Successful Book Report


Posted on: 11 July 2019 by Brittany Tharph

Summaries Are Everything: Creating a Successful Book Report

Teachers assign book reports to assess students' understanding of the books they read. Identifying and summarizing the key points from a lengthy book can be difficult. Here are some tips for organizing your thoughts and ideas into a well-written report.
Read the book
When you have a full class schedule, and you are drowning in homework, it can be tempting to find a summary of the book online instead of reading it. Do not give in to temptation. Teachers are wise to these scams, and you are likely to get caught.
Take notes
As you read the book, jot down notes about important characters and events. Underline or flag sections that you might want to cite in your report.
Create an outline
Once you finish reading, create an outline of the main ideas from the book. Think about the important events that occurred. Were there certain defining moments in the story? What kinds of changes did the characters experience? Ask yourself these types of questions to identify the key points you want to include in your book report.
Write the introductory paragraph
Make the first sentence of your introductory paragraph something that pulls in the reader. Examples include a quotation, statistic or question. After that, provide a summary of the ideas you are going to discuss in the body of your report. Make sure to mention the title and author of the book somewhere in the introductory paragraph.
Write the body
Using your outline as a guide, write a paragraph to discuss each main idea you identified. Refer to your assignment to decide what else you need to include. Your teacher might ask you to specifically address elements like tone, symbolism and theme.
Write the conclusion
The final paragraph sums up the report. Concisely review the main points from the body. The most powerful conclusions are succinct and decisive. Too much rambling can make you appear uncertain.
Read through your finished product to make sure it flows well. In addition, ask a friend to proofread your report and give you feedback. A fresh set of eyes might catch something you missed.
With proper preparation, writing a book report is not overly difficult. Follow the steps given to produce an organized report that is sure to score an A.

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