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Posted on: 11 April 2019 by Tom Clark

Many homeowners are now seeking to boast contemporary aesthetics within their homes and gardens

Many homeowners are now seeking to boast contemporary aesthetics within their homes and gardens, looking to add modern and contemporary twists at every opportunity – However, what many of these people do not realise that it is not only style and design that brings the final look together, but that the materials chosen hold a high level of importance, often playing a mammoth part in how a final design looks.

Choosing Contemporary Paving Materials

If you are currently looking to make your garden more contemporary using garden paving, it is important that you look for materials and paving stones that are as smooth as possible. The more uneven and rough paving slabs are the more traditional they look, and this is no doubt something that you want to avoid. Think about smoothness at all times.

Paving Patterns to Consider

The natural stone paving stones that you choose then need to be laid, and it is at this time that you need to consider pattern, and how you are going to lay your natural stone slabs. If too much is going on your will fail to obtain a contemporary paving appearance – Some would say that simplicity is key.

It is important that you don’t use more than three types of paving stone in your design, this will result in your garden looking too busy. If you want your garden to look as contemporary as possible it is generally best to stick to paving stones that are all exactly the same size. Another important consideration is to stick to natural stone paving of the same colour – This will allow your exterior space to look like it flows. Grey is a great colour to incorporate into contemporary designs this year!

Find a Landscaper to Assist

Although contemporary garden designs are now on the rise, it goes without saying that contemporary designs are much harder to achieve than rustic ones, as they require a lot more detail! This is why if you are looking for contemporary paving outside your house, it can be the best ideas to employ a landscape specialist. A great landscaper will not only be able to lay your garden flags neater than you could begin to imagine but could also provide you with a lot of much needed advice, guiding you in choosing the most suitable stone for your project and so much more!

What are you waiting got? Contact your local landscape specialist today!

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