Christmas Activity Ideas for Seniors


Posted on: 16 December 2014 by Pano Savvidis

Christmas elderly and senior activities can be fun for all!

Last year I spent some time around the holidays at a local retirement home. While many of those present were planning to spend Christmas day with loved ones, there were still some who’d be spending the big day at the home. Christmas can be a difficult time for some members of the elderly. Here’s three things I took away from my experience.


Once someone has reached a certain age they may not have the legs to go looking for presents around a busy shopping centre - either that or they’ve got a little more sense than those younger than them and decided to buy their presents earlier on in the year. Many of us instead used this time creating homemade decorations and making the home look more seasonal. Some of the younger children who were also visiting enjoyed participating and, in the end, the personal touches ended up looking a lot better than anything I’d seen people buying on the high street that year.

Charity Work

That’s right. When I first told some of my friends that we ended up doing some volunteer work while we were there, they couldn’t believe it. “I thought the elderly people were the charity,” they said. Perhaps another thing you realise later in life is the true meaning of the season. Rather than thinking about what presents you’ll receive, this time was better spent helping out those less fortunate than ourselves. Raising money and bringing awareness to the many people who didn't have anywhere to spend Christmas day. As some of those involved required wheelchairs, we were able to rent a mobility car from Allied Mobility to make sure they could fulfil their annual tradition.

Sharing Memories

Last, but certainly not least, was all the great stories we got to hear. The advantage a senior citizen will always have over their younger counterparts is life experience, something money can’t buy. The younger children enjoyed the stories and it will hopefully make them feel a little more grounded and realise how lucky they are. We were also fortunate enough to have a few individuals who hadn’t spent ther lives in the UK either, and educated us on how the holiday is celebrated in other parts of the world.

Will I be visiting my local home again this year? Absolutely. And it’s not too late for you as well. 

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Micky Archer posted 24 July 2020

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