Chic Jewellery Boxes for Stylish Women


Posted on: 11 January 2020 by Quinn Gray

Chic Jewellery Boxes for Stylish Women

Searching for the best jewellery boxes is trickier than you might think. There are several factors you must consider. Examples of it are the box dimension, number of slots or compartments, design, and durability. For sure, you also have a few features in mind. 

If you are the type of person who fancies vibrant, unique, and stylish jewellery boxes, one of the best sources for you is My Treasure Box. It is a store that has a variety of unique jewellery boxes. You will never run out of options at My Treasure Box. One example of the best-seller jewellery box collection available at this source is Kandi. 

Kandi is such a sweet name. Well, it is no wonder that Kandi Jewellery Boxes features lively and stunning colors. Kandi is perfect for women who are searching for chic jewellery boxes. Here are the top-seller creations of Kandi that must not miss. 

#1 Kandi Purple Interior and Metallic Pink Finish Jewellery Box

If pink is your color, go for this option by Kandi. This jewellery box features a pretty metallic pink shade with a purple interior to add contrast. Inside the box are spacious compartments wherein you can keep your precious accessory collections. 

The top compartment of this jewellery box is removable. When you detach the top, you will see more space for storage inside.

The box measures 25 cm which is not too large to place on your vanity table. 

#2 Kandi Black Interior and Metallic Gold Finish Jewellery Box

If pink is too much color for you, this option might be the best choice by Kandi. 

This jewellery box looks stunning in its metallic gold finish. The hue is not too flashy, but stylish enough. Likewise, it has a black cushioned interior that adds protection to your jewellery pieces. 

The box also measures 25 cm, with a detachable top compartment. 

If a gold finish is not to your liking, see other available colors of this jewellery box through this helpful site

#3 Kandi Electric Purple Jewellery Box

When it comes to fashionable and modern design, this electric purple Jewellery Box is a good bet. 

The box is smaller compared to the former two cases listed above. Hence, it is the best choice if you have a small collection of accessories. Although the box is only a one-tier case, it has a deep compartment wherein you can store various pieces of jewelery. 

Since it only measures 21 cm, it won’t take up a lot of space on your counter. 

You can view the website of My Treasure Box to see more options for smaller jewellery display cases. 

Which among these creations by Kandi do you prefer? 

If you need more details about these products, the My Treasure Box can answer your questions. View their contact details through their official website. Also, check out the product specifications to get to know more about these items. 

My Treasure Box has more alternatives to offer. See their stunning collection of jewellery boxes and watch display cases from trustworthy names like Kandi, Casa Uno, Pearl Time, and Cambridge. 

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