CD Genomics: RNA Solutions Division Offers tRNA Sequencing Service


Posted on: 07 December 2021 by chen shanshan

CD Genomics: RNA Solutions Division Offers tRNA Sequencing Service

RNA Solutions, a division of CD Genomics, offers services on the revolutionizing study of RNA targeting both coding and non-coding RNAs of different physiological functions. These days, RNA Solutions announced the tRNA-seq service to help analyze canonical and non-canonical tRNA functions and diseases.


Transfer RNA (tRNA) is a class of non-coding small RNA molecules that are widely present in organisms and are responsible for the transport of amino acids in peptide chain synthesis. The latest research shows that, in addition to peptide chain synthesis, tRNA also participates in a variety of physiological and pathological processes. The transcriptomes of different body tissues and cells are significantly different, and the codon usage preferences of different mRNAs are different, which makes the required tRNA stocks significantly different.


Many studies have shown that tRNA libraries play an important regulatory role in the occurrence and development of tumors, type 2 diabetes, Huntington's disease, and viral infections. The full-length tRNA molecule has a very stable secondary structure and a high level of nucleotide modification (necessary for the function of tRNA), which will seriously affect the full-length extension activity of reverse transcriptase and nucleic acid during the construction of high-throughput sequencing libraries. Sequence alignment analysis has led to the failure of the conventional small RNA library construction scheme for the library construction of tRNA molecules and the inaccurate analysis results.


CD Genomics has further optimized on the basis of the existing tRNA sequencing solution, adding a modified nucleotide demethylation process, which overcomes the difficulties of tRNA sequencing and can accurately quantify various tRNA molecules.


“We provide efficient quantitative tRNA sequencing based on next-generation sequencing methods for tRNA gene prediction, management and annotation. Our scientists have developed the most advanced tRNA-seq method, which integrates tRNA-optimized modification removal and small RNA sequencing to ensure the most reliable and accurate tRNA-seq data for tRNA research. To fully support your tRNA research, we also provide a wide range of NGS or mass spectrometry-based technologies for tRNA modification analysis. ” said CD Genomics’s Senior Scientist.


“We provide you with one-stop tRNA sequencing services based on the high-throughput Illumina sequencing platform. You provide a well-preserved total RNA, tissue or cell sample, and its technicians can complete all experimental operations for you, including library construction, high-throughput sequencing and data analysis, and provide directly usable data reports.” He added.


About CD Genomics

CD Genomics enjoys a high reputation for sequencing, microarray analysis, library construction and genotyping, providing reliable services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academia and government agencies.

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